HomeExchange Collection Guarantees

Our commitments

Every member of our community should be able to enjoy each vacation with complete peace of mind. Thanks to our guarantees developed with your needs in mind, you can be sure that HomeExchange Collection will be there for you every step of the way.

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COVID-19 guarantees

100% flexible cancellation, guaranteed.

To better support you, we've tailored our guarantees for COVID-19-related cancellations.

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Our commitment to the Guests

We guarantee a successful exchange!

Cancellation Protection

Cancellation Protection

compensation of up to 2,450 USD/week if we cannot find a replacement exchange accommodation.

Compliance Guarantee

Compliance Guarantee

if the accommodation does not meet the initial home description, HomeExchange Collection  offers an alternative solution.

Damage Coverage

Damage Coverage

Property damages covered up to 2,000,000 USD

Host cancellation assistance

What happens when my host cancels my exchange?

We know a cancellation is a stressful situation, don’t worry, our team is here to help you !

1. Your GuestPoints will be returned to your account automatically.

2. The Support Team is daily informed about cancellations, we will contact you. If the team hasn’t contacted you within 72h or if your exchange is starting in less than 4 days, don’t hesitate to contact our team at sos@homeexchange.com.

3. Please do not book any paying accommodation before talking with a member of the team. We will guide you and help you find a substitute exchange that meets the basic criteria of your search.

4. Once you get a positive answer, our team is here to help you finalize the new exchange!

5. If we cannot find a substitute exchange and you wish to cancel your trip, we will reimburse your non-refundable fees directly related to the exchange (tickets for the train, plane, etc.) up to 350 USD /night.

6. If we cannot find a substitute exchange and you want to pay for an alternative accommodation (a hotel, for example), we will reimburse lodging expenses, up to 350 USD /night.

The application of our guarantees are subject to our HomeExchange Service Conditions.

Refer to paragraph (X) of Service HomeExchange (https://www.homeexchange.com/p/homeexchange-service-termsofuse-en)

Refer to paragraph (VII) & (VIII) of Service HomeExchange “amount and condition of cover in case of (...) cancelation by the host.

*Source: internal study from HomeExchange from January to October 2019

Non-conformity assistance

What happens when the house of my host is substandard or inaccurate?

To avoid any misunderstanding make sure to communicate well with your host before finalizing, and carefully read the listing!
Nevertheless, those situations can happen, here is how we proceed :

Contact your host in order to discuss the situation with him. Very often, a solution can easily be found. In case of an urgent situation, you can contact sos@homeexchange.com

In case no solution can be found, contact the Support Team with the following elements: clear description of the problem you are facing with pictures or videos that are necessary for us to understand and assess the situation.

Our team will get back to you and if needed we will help you find another home exchange. You can find here the list of criteria for substandard or inaccurate homes. (5) The application of our guarantees are subject to our HomeExchange Service Conditions.

In case substandard or inaccuracy criteria are met, our team will help you search for an alternative exchange. If our team doesn’t manage to find another home exchange, you will be able to benefit from our financial guarantees for a replacement accommodation: we will reimburse the charges you paid for the accommodation, up to 350 USD / night (6)

Please do not book any paying accommodation before talking with the Support Team.

Service HomeExchange paragraph (IX)

Service HomeExchange paragraph (VIII)

Our commitment to the Hosts

Welcome your guests with peace of mind!

2,500 USD Security Deposit

2,500 USD Security Deposit

Deposited by the guest for the coverage of minor damages.

Damage Coverage

Damage Coverage

Supported by HomeExchange Collection, property damages covered up to 2,000,000 USD

Theft Protection

Theft Protection

HomeExchange Collection financially compensates loses from theft.


What happens if they are some material damages in my home or in the home I am staying in ?

Cover in the event of property damage as a host:

1. Contact your guest in order to understand what happened and block the deposit. Please rest assured that your guest's deposit will not be withdrawn from their account immediately. HomeExchange Collection will first be in contact with both parties to discuss the issue.

2. Contact the Support Team, if you wish to claim compensation for damage, we will need supporting documents in order to justify your request (pictures, invoices/quotations etc.). The application of our guarantees are subject to our HomeExchange Service Conditions (1).

3. In case of minor material damages, HomeExchange Collection will be the intermediary between the host and the guest to determine the amount of the deposit that has to be withdrawn. If the cost of the damages exceeds 500€, damages can be guaranteed by HomeExchange Collection, up to 2,000,000 USD;

If you are on an exchange as a guest and you happen to damage something in the home, please contact your host and the Support Team.

(1) Service HomeExchange paragraph

Theft protection

I hosted guests on HomeExchange, what happens if I discover that some of my belongings are missing?

1. Contact your guest in order to clarify the situation: In the majority of cases, items might have been just moved around! If needed, contact quickly the Support Team after the end of the exchange to inform us about the situation.

2. If you would like to claim financial compensation for the theft, click on "Keep the deposit". This button will appear in the Conversation page once your exchange is finished. Please rest assured that your guest's deposit will not be withdrawn from their account immediately. HomeExchange will first be in contact with both parties to discuss the issue.

3. We will need you to send us some supporting documents (police report for the case, original invoice, attestation of honesty.) (2) to trigger the potential application of our guarantees. The application of our guarantees are subject to our HomeExchange Service Conditions.

Service HomeExchange paragraph (IV)

The deposit

What is it ?

The deposit is a security precaution that members take when they organise an exchange with the HomeExchange Service.

All exchanges finalised on the site are with HomeExchange Service and automatically have the deposit set as 2,500 USD.

The deposit is an authorization for payment, carried out automatically on the platform: no additional action to finalize the exchange is necessary as a guest or as a host to activate the deposit.

What is the deductible amount?

In case the deposit needs to be taken, our team will directly get in touch with both the host and the guest in order to determine the circumstances:

  • In case of accidental damage, the deductible amount from the deposit is €100 per damage.
  • In case of voluntary damage, all or part of the deposit may be taken according to the cost of the repairs.

Example: I accidentally broke the table. Pierre informs HomeExchange Collection about this and justifies the damage. He then requests for 100€ for the reparation of the table. I accept this. HomeExchange Collection debits 100€ from my account to transfer to Pierre and releases the authorization to the remaining 400€.

All you need to know about the deposit can be found here.

Example: My guest accidentally broke the table. I inform HomeExchange and show a picture of the damage. I get an invoice for the repair of 100€, that I sent to HomeExchange Collection. HomeExchange Collection will…

24/7 Personalized assistance in case of emergency

In case you have any emergencies, our member support team is available 24/7 in 7 different languages.

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Home certification

In order to build a trust-based community, HomeExchange Collection verifies the identity of members and certifies each home on the site.

Testimonials from the community

Our members share their stories

Our home exchange in Saint-Sauveur was cancelled due to medical reasons. We were already in Montréal with another home exchange. I emailed your website, and within 24 hours of receiving my email about our cancelled exchange, Sérgio had arranged a replacement exchange. He was so helpful, and if he is representative of the quality of customer support, it is superior. Thank you so much for saving our vacation!

Kerry Lee

Cancellation assistance per guest. Home Exchange reacted very well to the cancellation of an exchange against GuestPoints by our host: reactivity, search for solutions. Thank you. And this, in a Covid-19 context which does not facilitate travel and exchanges.


HomeExchange is an excellent way of travelling and the team is very reactive and helpful if there are any questions or concerns. We are travelling and hosting with guest points. There has never been any problem.


During the recent CV crisis, Kristina of Home Exchange provided 1st class support arranging alternative accommodation for us which reduced our stress levels considerably. We left home with warnings to be careful and the world flew apart within a week. Without Home Exchange support, it would have been a financial disaster. Very happy to recommend them as a wonderful organisation.


So impressed with the service received from Home Exchange. We have been members for a couple of years now and done a number of exchanges through Home Exchange and loved the travel opportunities it opened for us. And then COVID-19 derailed everyone's travel plans. Home Exchange was pro-active and gave member options on how to deal with home exchanges confirmed, and our problem was addressed efficiently and extremely professionally. Excellent service!