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If you're looking for a Thanksgiving 2022 getaway, there are plenty of ways to fit in an extra-long weekend vacation in November. Whether you like to hike, explore a new city, or curl up inside with a beautiful view,  Thanksgiving travel is within reach this year! Arrange a cheap Thanksgiving vacation by home exchanging: you can save money on accommodations, get local tips on things to do, and find a welcoming house where the whole family will feel right at home.

Where to travel for Thanksgiving 2022?


Spend your Thanksgiving vacation outdoors

As you take time to reflect on what you're thankful for this Thanksgiving 2022, consider spending time in nature. The great outdoors allows easy social distancing, the chance to unwind and disconnect from technology, and a front-row seat to the changing seasons in the US. For a cheap Thanksgiving vacation, consider spending time hiking in a National Park, fishing on Cape Cod, or enjoying the last of the brilliant fall foliage in the north Georgia mountains. You can spend time with family making memories and feeling grateful for the beauty the US has to offer. 

A change of scenery for Thanksgiving 2022 

After over two years of lockdowns and travel restrictions, a change of scenery may be just what the doctor ordered for a Thanksgiving getaway. If the whole extended family usually gathers at your home for Thanksgiving, consider hosting dinner in a home exchange instead! You could find a home with a pool and turn Thanksgiving dinner into a pool party, stay in a house between everyone's homes to reduce travel times for those farthest away, or celebrate Thanksgiving in a sustainable, eco-friendly home. Your family and friends will love bringing their traditions to a new setting, and since there are thousands of home exchanges that accommodate 8+ guests, there's sure to be room for everyone. 

Let someone else do the cooking this Thanksgiving

If you're not set on a traditional, home-cooked meal for Thanksgiving 2022, consider letting someone else do the cooking! Travel to Texas for superb Mexican food, have a classic seafood dinner in Louisiana, or enjoy few glasses of wine in a California vineyard. This year, you don't have to spend Thanksgiving chained to the kitchen preparing food and then hours cleaning up. Give yourself a break and take advantage of some of the delightful dishes the United States has to offer. You can have turkey any day of the year— do some Thanksgiving travel and make it a Thanksgiving dinner to remember.

Thanksgiving getaways

Tips to plan a cheap Thanksgiving vacation

For your Thanksgiving travel, discover HomeExchange, which will allow you to spend a unique and authentic stay while sticking to a budget. Whether you are traveling to Las Vegas or Assateague, home exchanging lets you travel affordably.

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Choosing to house swap for a cheap Thanksgiving vacation will allow you to find a house or apartment in ideal location, allowing you to easily visit the destination of your choice, whether in the city, by the sea, in the country or in the mountains. Home exchanging means you can look forward to staying in a fully equipped, comfortable accommodation just for you, making you feel at home during your Thanksgiving getaway.

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HomeExchange lets you plan a Thanksgiving vacation for a low price, whether you're traveling as a couple, with family or with friends. You can explore the US in an authentic way and save at least 30% of your travel budget. Registration with HomeExchange is free; you only pay when you're ready to finalize your exchange. Once you become an annual HomeExchange member, you can enjoy unlimited exchanges all year. 

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Unlike typical vacation rentals, HomeExchange gives you the opportunity to meet new people and travel like a local, not like a tourist! HomeExchange members benefit from advice and tips from their hosts when visiting a new city. Your host can provide plenty of suggestions on what to see, where to go, and where to eat. 

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