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  • Genevieve Librarian (38)
  • Daniel Landscape Architect (40)


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  • Minneapolis, MN, USA

    19. srpnja — 4. rujna 2016.

  • St Louis, MO, USA

    19. srpnja — 4. rujna 2016.


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srpnja - srpnja 2013.

We had a wonderful 10 day exchange with the Groves in ...

Chris & Deb
Chris & Deb kažu

We had a wonderful 10 day exchange with the Groves in the summer of 2013. Planning the exchange with Gennie was easy and everything went very smoothly. We enjoyed the comfort of their house, their large Blu-Ray collection, and exploring both Oak Park and Chicago. Our 2 and 4 year olds enjoyed their kids toys and walking to the nearby splash pad. We could easily get to downtown Chicago either by walking to the L train or driving. Gennie gave us lots of great advice about what to do while in Chicago, including little things like how best to avoid traffic when getting onto the highway in the morning. ...and of course, our house was returned to us as we left it and clean, clean, clean!

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A lovely home in a really friendly Toronto neighborhood. Easy to get downtown, perfect for biking, too. The house has all the amenities and our family settled right in. It was a lovely feeling to come "home" after a day exploring the city. Deb and Chris were fantastic exchange partners, both as hosts and guests. Our house was left in perfect condition and they prepped theirs nicely for our visit. We exchanged emails / advice during our trips, as well. Highly recommended - both the house and the people are top notch!