Deb's home in Santa Monica

3 double beds
1 Portable crib

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What you will love about this home

Best location in north Santa monica

What you will love about this neighborhood

In between Wilshire and Montana Avrpe


Hi, Welcome to my home! Here is the information you will need for check in and check out along with some additional information about this home. Most of this is on VRBO 509712 and Airbnb as CLEAN/PRIVATE POOL/OASIS. FYI 5 star reviews on both platforms Always feel free to contact me, text is best via my cell phone, 1-310-913-1601. A phone call will automatically go to spam until I input your info into my cell. CHECK IN AND OUT Check in is typically 4pm and check out time is 11am. It is all based on my and the housekeeper’s schedule and how much work needs to be done. Feel free to ask for an early check in or a late check out and if time allows, that will not be a problem. Please communicate with me if you would like any changes:-) Please do not remove the linens from the beds and simply leave them on the beds. Please load and run the dishwasher and start a load of used towels in the laundry before you checkout. Please do not overfill the laundry machine! Thank you for treating this home with love and respect:-). Please empty your trash and recyclables in the bins in the alley. The key to the back door is usually in the lock or a little crack in the wall. Feel free to ask me where the key to the alley is! ARRIVAL Please text me half an hour PRIOR to your arrival so that I can arrange to either greet you OR, leave the keys for you. House keys for the front door are on the dining room table for your convenience. Please leave the Rose key that is in the front door, IN the front door. One single key opens both the deadbolt and door handle from outside. Please remove your shoes if coming in from a public place. Once you have entered the home your job is to explore the grounds. Please remove shoes off at the door you are entering to keep floors as clean as possible. I have provided booties for your convenience. Please wash your hands upon entering. Please be mindful that water is very expensive here in Southern California,and this home uses a lot for the pool. Keep this in mind during any water, shower, bathing and laundry usage. Please do any laundry before 4pm or after 9pm so it is a lesser carbon footprint. Make yourself at home. INTERNET- Look for “DEB” and the password is 3109131601. (My cell phone number without the 1 in front and all those --dashes. KITCHEN AND LAUNDRY Help yourself to whatever you see in the kitchen if you want. Coffee, tea, spices, sugar, honey, salt, pepper, oils and vinegars are there for you. The ice maker functions well, but if it is not making ice, it needs to be pulled out and pushed back in to be engaged with the running, filtered water. If you are using the Nespresso machine, best to unplug it after use so that it re-boots. If it flashes orange, unplug for a minute or so until it reboots and try again. There is a regular coffee above the oven AND in the laundry room, as a plan B. Coffee in the freezer. I have added a reverse osmosis system so the drinking water is exceptional from the drinking faucet on the sink and also from the refrigerator. Trash compactor is for all garbage and serves as a regular garbage bin. There is a hook in the laundry room to hand a plastic bag that works for recyclable items. You don’t have separate...Glass, plastic, paper, aluminum foil, can all go in the same bag. Nothing organic goes into recycling. All garbage goes out the back gate behind the pool, into the alley bins. Please lock the gate when you come back in. Blue bin - recycle: Black bin - all garbage: Green bin - anything organic or yard waste. HOT WATER- I have a tankless water heater for GREEN reasons, but it takes a bit to get from the back master bathroom to the front. I use a bucket to collect the water until it gets hot and then water my plants. The dishwasher always cleans best with hot water available at the start. The ceiling fans and lights are on the remote boxes provided, labeled FAN THE LIVING ROOM Living room and Office have smart TV’s that offer access to my HULU, NETFLIX and Prime VIDEO accounts. If you want to rent a movie, please let me know and be prepared to pay what it costs at the end of your stay. I trust anyone I accept into this home. So please remember to let me know so I don’t have surprises on my monthly bill. The couches are comfy for sleeping and napping also. The couch in the office pulls out to convert into a bed. Linens are in the chaise part and in the table in front of that couch. I have put a air conditioning unit in here for your comfort. Help yourselves to the games, puzzles, books and instruments in the house. Please treat these as your own and return them in good working condition:-) Have fun! The gas fireplace requires a lighter that I have provided. Simply turn the key to the left to open the line. Please be careful as this can explode in your face if not done properly. I will be happy to demonstrate for you. DINING ROOM The dining room table opens up to seat 12 comfortably. It is locked underneath the middle and pulls out to reveal two extensions that are able to be inserted into the middle of the table. You will find place mats and tablecloths in the pieces of furniture close by. FRONT BEDROOMS The “blue” room (to the right as you are walking back) has a semi firm mattress The “pink” room (left)also has a semi firm mattress. BOTH bedrooms have fresh towels and linen in each closet. The “blue” room has a stash of smaller beach towels also. Please be mindful of your towel usage. I have a clothesline to hang your towels to dry in the sun. The house heater is located between the two front bedrooms. FRONT BATHROOM There is a step-stool on the cabana if you choose. Extra bathroom grooming supplies are in the drawer beneath the sink cabinet. Extra cleaning supplies and toilet paper are in the cabinet. Please be mindful of lengthy showers as we are in a drought and water is expensive. THE DEN/CABANA The internet is hubbed in this room. The brown chaise lounge chair converts into a queen size bed by pulling out and up the portion of the couch that aligns with the lounge portion. Linens are in the square footrest in front of the couch. It pulls up to open. There are also linens in the chaise part of the couch(it lifts up). I like to open the French doors to combine the rooms on nice days. The cabana fan and light is in the “pink” bedroom with a piece of tape over it so you know. (the house was originally built in 1926, so there are some quirks.) The entire house has been heavily insulated and is cooler on the inside. MASTER BATH AND BEDROOM Master bath has a jacuzzi tub. This is where the tankless water heater is. DO NOT TOUCH THE ON/OFF BUTTON or the temperature button or you might lose hot water. There are larger beach towels in the master bedroom. Extra toiletries in the drawers to the right of the sink and extra towels in the bathroom closets.I have provided an additional heater in the Master bedroom because that is an add on with not as strong of a heating system as the front portion of the home. There is a fan for hot days and an Amish fireplace for colder ones. DECK AND POOL/SPA Please be careful on the deck off the master bedroom. It has steps that are easy to miss and trip on. Use these at your own risk along with the pool, as there is no lifeguard or pool-fence. Please be mindful of the pool rules and Quiet time is after 10pm. I do not charge for the spa in the rental amount, as everyone is not interested in using the jacuzzi. In the winter it needs about 45 minutes to heat to 101. In the summer, about 15 minutes. Max run time on the spa is 3.5 hours at a time. When I am done with the jacuzzi, it is nice to sit in the hot water without the motor running and enjoy the quiet. The pool/spa is a “saltwater” pool, thus a positive ion, and is actually good for your skin. The roof of the home is covered in thermal and solar panels so the pool is lovely in the summer and cold in the winter. In the winter I like to heat the spa and after I’m toasty, jump in the cold pool. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO ALL THE DIFFERENT LEVELS OF PAVEMENT AND THE GROUND FOR TRIPPING OVER, ESPECIALLY IN THE BACK AND ON THE SIDE OF THE HOME. PROPANE TANKS FOR FIRE PIT AND BBQ In order to avoid air in the tanks, please turn the tank on first and then the key for the firepit or the knob for the BBQ. Turn off the same way, at the source, the tank. Extra tanks are in the garage. OUTDOORS There is an outdoor cat on property There is a clothesline if you want for beach towels. The umbrella likes a push out from the stem before you open it up. The garage is private. I keep the unit I occupy with the sliding glass partially open for my kitty to go in and out as she pleases. GROCERY STORES: GPS THESE: Erewhon, on Wilshire and Harvard, is a local organic, high end, fun and trendy grocery and stuff store. I like the jackfruit from the deli. They make incredible smoothies and coffees also. Bristol Farms is a higher end store/restaurant on Wilshire and Berkeley Ave. They have a great fish/meat department. WHOLE FOODS MARKETS on both Wilshire and Montana Avenues. Ralphs Market and Vons Market on Wilshire are more mainstream and still carry organic Trader Joe’s is a favorite and that is on Wilshire Blvd, catty corner to Whole Foods. Brentwood Country Mart is a fun place to walk to on 26’th and San Vicente Ave. and has little specialty shops, restaurants, coffees and ice creams. THINGS TO DO Restaurants I walk to on Wilshire Blvd are MILO and OLIVE- fun breakfast and lunch. Pastries and coffees, Erewhon for it’s organic trendy deli, juice bar and grocery store Takuma is a highly rated Japanese restaurant on Princeton and Wilshire. BRISTOL FARMS is a restaurant/deli/high end grocery store that has a Starbucks coffee inside. BRENTWOOD COUNTRY MART is on the corner of 26’th and San Vicente. This location has incredible restaurants and boutiques, coffee and ice cream shops, along with a great toy and bookstore! It is walking distance also! Check out the maps I have in the den. Montana Ave is very hip and happening with a lot of boutiques and restaurants starting at Montana and 17’th Street. Brentwood is super close. Just a little North East about 1 kilometer Downtown Santa Monica and the pier South West of here about 2 kilometers. Main Street, Venice, and Abbott-Kinney are South of here and FUN and Funky. FARMER’S MARKET Every Wednesday from 9a-1p. Every Saturday on PICO and Cloverfield AND 3’rd Street Promenade Every Sunday on Gretna Green in Brentwood (I ride my bike). This one is my personal favorite because it also has local artisans with beautiful jewelery, clothing, textiles, ceramics, etc creations for sale at reasonable prices. Another very local family oriented FM on Main Street is South Santa Monica caters to children and families. Prior to Covid Both of these were super family/kid friendly with petting zoos, music, and jumpy toys, usually. Not sure now. Ask me about famous people’s homes in the neighborhood. I don’t allow everyone to enter this home..just the people that I get a good vibe from. SO WELCOME TO 938 PRINCETON STREET. REMINDERS Please take all the garbage out on Sunday eve. Garbage trucks come thru the alley Monday mornings early. Pool service every week. Lately it has not been a regular schedule so I will text you when it happens so that you can plan accordingly. I will attempt to add the chemicals when it is a good time for your group. DO NOT use the pool for 2 hours post service to let the new chemicals circulate. Yard service as needed. Usually in the afternoon. Don’t be surprised and go ahead with whatever you are doing. You will also see me working around the yard and garden. SAFETY Please leave the key in the front door at all times. The key I have provided for you opens both locks on the front door. I use the bolt at night. I have left earthquake information and the City of Santa Monica’s homeshare laws for you to read. Just in case we do have an earthquake, DO NOT RUN OUTSIDE! THE BEST PLACE TO GO IS UNDER THE NEAREST TABLE AND COVER YOUR HEAD. Please feel free to ask questions1 There is a fire extinguisher in the laundry room and another out by the BBQ I will be available by text for any and all questions. Please feel free to ask questions and offer any suggestions/issues to me.

Home ID

#2197261 URL copiée !


Washing machine
Microwave oven
Heating system
Wheelchair accessible
Baby gear
Private garden
Private pool
Private parking space
Doorman included
Cleaning person included

House rules

Smokers welcome
Pets welcome
Children welcome
Dog to feed
Cat to feed
Plants to water


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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, this accommodation has a garden. You will find more details about the garden and other facilities on this page.
Yes, this apartment has a swimming pool. You will find more details about the swimming pool and other facilities on this page.
Yes, this accommodation has a wifi connection. We recommend that you discuss this with the host to ensure that the connection speed is sufficient for your needs.
Yes, this accommodation has one or more parking spaces.
This accommodation has 3 bedrooms.
The surface of this accommodation is 1850m2.
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