Duplex in Rosemère in the northern suburbs of Montreal 18 km

1 single bed
1 double bed
1 double extra bed

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What you will love about this home

Au rez-de-chaussé d'un duplex comprenant le sous-sol maison très propre et confortable. Entourée d'arbres, de verdure, jardin et fleurs pour les adaptes des espaces végétales. La maison est située sur une petite rue avec cul-de-sac. Voiture hybride Plug-In avec borne et e-bike permet de se déplacer en consommant le moins d'essence possible. Au rez-de-chaussé il y a le salon, la cuisine, la salle de bain, la grande chambre, petite chambre. Au sous-sol il y a une chambre.

What you will love about this neighborhood

Rosemère est une municipalité de 15 000 population des Basses-Laurentides reconnue pour ses espaces verts. La ville a d'ailleurs gagné le prix Collectivités en fleurs, édition nationale et internationale 2017. Il est facile de se déplacer en voiture, en train, en vélo en direction de Montréal ou dans les Laurentides à 20 km. Rosemère longe la Rivière-des-Mille-iles faisant parti du Parc de la Rivière-des-Mille-iles qui offre la location d'embarcations Kayak, canot, pédalo etc


Vous vous y sentirez comme chez vous.

What you will love about this home

On the ground floor of a duplex including the very clean and comfortable house basement. Surrounded by trees, greenery, garden and flowers to adapt the plant spaces. The house is located on a small street with cul-de-sac. Plug-In hybrid car with charging station and e-bike allows you to get around while consuming as little fuel as possible. On the ground floor there is the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom, the large bedroom, the small bedroom. In the basement there is a bedroom.

What you will love about this neighborhood

Rosemère is a town of 15,000 people in the Lower Laurentians known for its green spaces. The city has also won the Communities in Bloom award, national and international edition 2017. It is easy to get around by car, train, bike towards Montreal or in the Laurentians 20 km away. Rosemère runs along the Rivière-des-Mille-iles which is part of the Parc de la Rivière-des-Mille-iles which offers boat rentals Kayak, canoe, pedal boat etc.


You will feel at home there.

Home ID

#2190926 URL copiée !


Washing machine
Microwave oven
Heating system
Wheelchair accessible
Baby gear
Private garden
Private pool
Private parking space
Doorman included
Cleaning person included

House rules

Smokers welcome
Pets welcome
Children welcome
Dog to feed
Cat to feed
Plants to water


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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, this accommodation has a garden. You will find more details about the garden and other facilities on this page.
Yes, this accommodation has a wifi connection. We recommend that you discuss this with the host to ensure that the connection speed is sufficient for your needs.
Yes, this accommodation has one or more parking spaces.
This accommodation has 3 bedrooms.
The surface of this accommodation is 116m2.
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