Casa de Tliang: 8 personas, con Jardín privado, Kampung Pauh

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Lo que te va a encantar en esta casa

*** No Smoking in or near the house and veranda. Please go out to where the gate is. *** It is really a very common middle class family home in this part of the world. You will have the entire house to yourselves. The only thing shared is car porch and main gate. My sister who is a very established piano teacher lives next door. She will be able to help you if anything is needed. Our relatives will come over for a gathering when any of us are back for reunion. Pictures showing that in the hall. There is a separate dining area next to the kitchen but we prefer to do it in living area which is big enough anyway. There is a room downstairs that we have turned into clothing / keep-anything room. There are 3 rooms upstairs. We usually use 2 rooms only... those are in the photos shown. The third room is also clean but we do move some extra chairs to in here to create more space downstairs.

Lo que te va a encantar del barrio

It is a very NON-TOURIST part of town. Very local and REAL. You get to experience living in this Malaysian Chinese compound within the very much Malaysian Malay community. This is the REAL KELANTAN you will get to experience. (Learn about unique land ownership rule here). There is a hut selling local snacks and coffee within 200m. Super local. Main road is about 500m away. You will get the futsal, convenience store, food courts, bakery, fruit stall, laundry etc etc. within the 1km stretch. Just a little over, you will reach the river with a broken bridge (next to a well-built one). All in all, the main point here is to live like a local while having the comfort of a relatively modern home (not luxury though). People are generally nice. As in most places in the world, respect each other. Respect the local's culture. You will enjoy the hospitality.

¿Algo más que añadir?

The following is what we can help connect for you: Convenient Store - 5min walk will get you to main road. There is a 7-Eleven, a burger stall, a few restaurants and a little foodcourt, all within another 5min walk from the junction. Transport - we can arrange to drive you into town and pick up from town (est 10-15min). If it is taxi, you shall pay directly. If we are available, it shall be foc. Cleaning, Cook, Guide - these are ticked because they can be arranged but you will have to bear extra costs. There are many different types of yummy local food around. Let us know and we will surely help to direct you. You can see from the photos we ordered local food for our own gathering. Music and Art Classes - 5min away. Let us know if you are interested, we can arrange for you to have some piano, violin, guitar classes. There are also some group music and art classes (e.g. clay, drawing, colouring). Extra costs. My children attended some of those during one of the holidays. Links:

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Preguntas Frecuentes

Sí, esta casa tiene jardín. Puedes ver más detalles sobre el jardín y otras instalaciones en esta página.
Sí, este alojamiento dispone de una o varias plazas de parking.
Este alojamiento tiene 3 dormitorios.
La superficie de este alojamiento es de 250m2.
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