Casa de Hege: 7 personas, con Jardín privado, Forsand

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Lo que te va a encantar en esta casa

Hello! We are a family of 4, and our Bernese mountain dog, Hektor. Hege works as a musician, Kjetil is a teacher in the primary school, Jonas (19) is studying music and are not living at home, Marte (14) is still in school. We all like to get in to our car and explore new places. Our home is a good place to live in, but it’s not perfect, it has marks from living many years with children, dogs, family and friends:-) It is a place for relaxing, indoors and outdoors and a good place to start lots of exiting sightseeing in the region. And after a day of hiking, exploring, sightseeing or streetwalking - try to find something to eat from the garden and enjoy our daybed or hammock at the terrace. There are a lot of LEGO's and boardgames indoors! A car can also be at your disposal.

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We live in Forsand, a small, quiet village in the southwest coast of Norway. Its placed at the entrance of Lysefjorden- one of the most famous fjords in Norway. We are surrounded of beautiful nature! You can go 2 minutes down to the fjord, buy a skolebolle and enjoy sitting at the Lysefjorden Marina. You can pick up your groceries here, too. If you want to explore Lysefjorden, you have come to the right place. Go by car, your feet, ferry, kayaks or rib boats. From the fjord you can see the world famous Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) and Kjerag. Flørlitrappene, 4444 wooden steps from the fjord directly up to the mountain is spectacular, as well. Do you wish to hike to those sights, we'll help you to find the way:-) We have lot's of nice hiking tracks and wonderful views just across our doorstep. Nearest town is Jørpeland, 10 min drive and the main city in the region is Stavanger - 40 min drive. The Stavanger region has a lot to offer - the city with spectacular street art, Stavanger art museum, some of the best restaurants in Norway, museums for all ages, Old Stavanger, Stavanger cathedral and the street of colours, Fargegaten. All this is in short distance to countless green islands at Finnøy and Rennesøy, including the absolute gem of an island in the middle of the ocean, Kvitsøy. If you move further towards the south, and into the fjords, you’ll find Forsand, Sandnes, with one of Norway’s most famous natural icons, the Kjerag boulder. The contrasts are large when moving further south along the Jæren beaches and Norwegian Scenic Route Jæren, with the ever-changing light that has inspired artists since the dawn of time, mountains, waterfalls and fjords in majestic harmony and lunar landscape in Magma UNESCO Global Geopark. You will not be disappointed. The Stavanger region has it all!

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Sí, esta casa tiene jardín. Puedes ver más detalles sobre el jardín y otras instalaciones en esta página.
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Este alojamiento tiene 4 dormitorios.
La superficie de este alojamiento es de 170m2.
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