Casa de Runa & Family: 7 personas, con Jardín privado, Tromsø

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¤ Not available during Christmas / New year holiday We live in a nice family house in the arctic city of Tromsø. It´s an ideal base for a family or a small group looking to discover the midnight sun during summertime or aurora borealis during wintertime. We have a great view over the ocean and are close to attractions, airport and mountains. Our spacious house is 170 square meters, and has a double bed (150x200 cm) and two single beds (90x200 and 75x175 cm) spread on three bedrooms. In addition we have mattresses to put on the floor and a baby bed. Our bathroom facilities include two toilets and one shower. The living room is spread on two floors, and we have got TV, DVD player, PS4 and board games. Our kitchen is fully equipped. For sunny days there is a veranda with a great view (first picture). We have toys for children, a trampoline in the garden during summer and several playgrounds nearby. Guitars and a piano are also available. In the northern part of Norway you are close to both nature and the city. During summertime it never gets dark because of the midnight sun. If you would like to go hiking, you can just put on your shoes and walk straight to the mountains from our house. The ocean is also a short walk away. Tromsø has got several museums, cinema, shops, restaurants and cafes. There is a lot to do for both grown ups and kids. The city center of Tromsø is a 20 minutes bus ride or 15 minutes drive with car from our house. The bus stops right outside the house, and it also stops at the airport on its way to and from the city center.

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TROMSØ: Tromsø is an arctic university city with around 80 000 inhabitants. It's the largest city in Northern Norway, and it offers a variety of attractions. The city center lies on an island, and there are several spectacular mountains in the area. HOW TO GET HERE: - There are direct flights from many Norwegian and European cities. Main airlines: SAS, Norwegian and Widerøe. Other airlines: Lufthansa, Finnair, DAT, Edelweiss air, Eurowings. - The Norwegian coastal voyage ships (Hurtigruten or Havila) also stop in Tromsø on their 12 day roundtrip voyage from Bergen (southwest) to Kirkenes (northeast). After one night along the coast from Tromsø you can for instance visit the North Cape (north) or the Lofoten Isles (south). - Travel with bus to Narvik (230 km) and connect with night train through Sweden to Stockholm. Travel with bus to Fauske (480 km) or Norwegian coastal voyage to Bodø and connect with train to Trondheim. From Trondheim you can connect with other train routes. GETTING AROUND: - We live 4 km from the airport, 8 km from the city center, easily accessible by public transport. - The bus stop is right outside the house, and the buses pass the airport (10 min) on their way to and from the city center (20-25 min). Buses are frequent (2-4 every hour) and the last bus is at midnight. During weekends there are night buses. More bus routes are found 1 km from our home. - We don´t do car swap abroad, but it is possible to rent a car at the airport or the city center if you want to drive to areas with no bus connection. - Two adult bikes are available and we have also got bikes for children. NEIGHBOURHOOD: - Our house is situated in a quiet and family friendly neighbourhood. We have got a garden and there are several playgrounds nearby. - The nearest grocery stores and pharmacy are 2 km from the house. OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: - There are nice walking paths above our house and several mountain hiking possibilities. The highest mountains has got some snow even during summer. - There are many great places to spend time by the ocean. - Tromsø cable car is one of Tromsø´s most popular tourist attractions. From the outdoor terrace there is a great view of the city, mountains and ocean. It is also possible to reach the mountain by using the spectacular stone stair hiking trail built by Sherpas from Nepal. - The Tromsø University Museum has got a beautiful, Arctic-Alpine botanical garden. You can find plant species from polar or high mountain regions, which have difficulty surviving in the milder climates where most botanical gardens are located. - There is a sauna with epic views of the sea and the magical mountains at the harbor in the city center. Possible to swim in the arctic ocean all year round. - During wintertime there are many possibilities for skiing, skating, sledding and playing in the snow. Tromsø has also got an alpine skiing resort. On clear days in the dark period the chances are good to see the beautiful northern light / aurora borealis. INDOOR ACTIVITIES: - Art museums: Northern Norway Art Museum, Tromsø Center for Contemporary Art, and Perspektivet museum. - Tromsø University Museum: Exhibitions on local history (for instance vikings, polar expeditions and sami culture). - Science Centre of Northern Norway: Activities for the whole family. Norway’s largest planetarium with all-dome film screenings to experience the aurora borealis. - Polaria: Arctic aquarium with fish and bearded seals. Panoramic cinema. - Swimming pool: A large water park opened in 2019 (Tromsøbadet). - Climbing: Modern facilities for both rope climbing and bouldering (Tromsø klatresenter or Buldreterminalen). - Minigolf: Norway’s largest 18-hole indoor mini golf course, bar and event space in a former brewery building. - Library: Great architecture and a collection of books in many foreign languages. OFFICIAL TRAVEL GUIDE:

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Cleaning: We always leave our exchange homes as clean and tidy as we found them. We expect our guests to do the same as we don't have a cleaning service available. It involves taking the trash outside, wash used towels, stripping the beds (leave linens and last towels for us to wash if you leave early), and clean the house to the standard it was when you arrived. What to expect: We provide you with a detailed guide for our home and area. We make the beds with fresh linens and equip you with towels. Feel free to use spices, oil, toilet paper, soap and detergents, but please replace if something runs out. We are happy to arrange some food for you to start with when you arrive! We have adopted a nice cat that need some care during your visit. Our preferences: We prefer reciprocal exchanges, as we usually only have time to perform 1-2 exchanges a year. Our kids would love to have some toys or be near a pool, but we are equally ready to exchange with other families. We prefer if your home is accessible by public transport. We are open for suggestions, surprise us!

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Este alojamiento tiene 3 dormitorios.
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