Piso de David: 5 personas, con Piscina privada, Minhang Qu

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我们的家是一个三卧室和3个浴室的上海网球俱乐部的豪华公寓,其中有一个卧室是我们2岁大的儿子的房间。公寓风格是法国地中海度假村式的社区风格。室外有游泳池和运动场、健身房以及餐厅,我们的公寓是西式装修,包括加热和空调、冷水、热水、饮水机用于饮水、电视机、DVD、Wifi,和电脑。 Our home is a spacious three bedroom, three bathroom apartment in the Shanghai Racquet Club (more on that below). Although there are three bedrooms, note that one bedroom is the kids' playroom but has a comfortable pull out couch for two. The second is a child's room with two comfortable single beds. The third is the master bedroom with an attached bathroom. The apartment itself is located in the Shanghai Racquet Club, a French Mediterranean resort style resident community. The SRC gives you access to an outdoor pool and playground for kids, both right outside our apartment. There are many other amenities which require membership, such as an indoor pool, a gym and a restaurant, but a guest pass can usually be arranged. Our apartment has all of the comforts of western living, including heat and air conditioning, hot and cold water, a water dispenser for drinking water, TV, DVD, Wifi, and a VOIP phone for international calling. We have an Ayi who looks after our children while we are at work and do some housekeeping. 'Ayi' means 'Auntie' in Chinese, and so she is very close to our family. She isn't working full time when we are away, but will be around for just an hour or two a day on weekdays. Our home is located outside the hustle and bustle of downtown Shanghai, in the relaxed atmosphere of the racquet club. Its very easy to get downtown from here, and its also easy just to spend the day here by the pool and local cafes. We love it.

Lo que te va a encantar del barrio

十多年前这里是稻田和村庄,现在发生了翻天覆地的变化,西式住所和中式的餐饮。 A little more than 10 years ago this neighborhoods was all rice fields. Now its a pretty amazing hybrid of western comforts, and authentic Chinese fare. Within walking distance (about 5 minutes door to door), for western fare there is an amazing coffee shop (Cafe Du Village), a nice pub with good food (The Monk), cafes with delicious food (Nar & Baker&Spice), as well as great Indian, Thai, Pizza, and Japanese food among others. There's even a Starbucks. For the adventurous, there is a whole strip of local Chinese restaurants. They don't speak any English, but many of the places have pictures of their food on the walls. Just down the road is also a wet market- a traditional Chinese market for fresh vegetables and meat (named so because they hose it down at night). There are a bunch of small food stalls just outside the market for great snack foods, like Shanghai's signature soup dumpling (they are amazing). The Racquet Club also provides a free shuttle into the city that runs just about every hour. It drops you off at the Kerry Center, which is a central downtown area. From there it is easy to catch a subway or cab to any destination. The city itself is alive with a vibrant arts scene, great shopping, and tourist attractions that range from the sublime (the view from the top of the World Financial Tower) to the absurd (the Natural History museum looks like it hasn't been updated since 1975, its wonderfully... and often disturbingly, bizarre). Shanghai also has a number of amazing museums; the Contemporary Art museum always has new and provocative work, while the Shanghai Art Museum (shaped like an ancient pot) contains beautiful treasures from Chinese history. There is also a great science and technology museum for kids, an insect museum, two aquariums, a zoo, and three Shanghai is a food lover's city. The food is amazing, and not just the local fare. If you are looking for authentic Shanghainese food (without the MSG) 1221 has some of the best local dishes in the city. Other non-chinese venues feature amazing dishes at rather reasonable prices. Among these, 'Maya' - a Mexican fusion restaurant, and 'Chicha' - a Peruvian restaurant, are among my favorites. For day trips, I can recommend drivers who usually charge about 60 RMB (just under 10 USD) an hour. There is also a high speed train that is about a 10 minute cab drive from our apartment that can get you to Suzhou, Hangzhou, or Nanjing - all in around an hour. There are also beautiful little water towns that are all very close- these will satisfy for any craving for a peek at a more traditional looking China. Alternatively, the high speed train can also now take you to Beijing in about 5 hours (another must see city for visitors).

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Our neighborhood has western comforts. ...and local charm... ...and its simple to get into the city from here!

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