Grüezi from Switzerland!

Traveling Group
  • Peter Professor (67)
  • Yvonne Housewife (56)
  • Veronica Gymnasium (18)
  • Claire Gymnasium (17)
  • Robert Special school (16)
  • Jessica Gymnasium (15)


Preferred Exchanges

  • Singapore

    August 1 — July 31, 2016

    A simultaneous exchange is preferred.


  • Cycling
  • Football
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Historic Sites
  • Museums
Especially Passionate About


We are a happy family and like to undertake activities together. The girls play harp, flute and piano. Robert loves sports, especially football and swimming. Our international background allows us to adapt to different cultures. We enjoy to connect with local people and try different specialities. We love God and prayer is our daily spiritual bread. As regular churchgoers we try to bring peace and love to this world.

Vacation Type