Greetings from the "Green" Northwest!

Traveling Group
  • Don Webster Retired Probation Counselor (10)
  • Bobbi Webster Retired HR Manager (10)


Preferred Exchanges

  • Open to Any Destination
  • Open to Any Dates
  • Portland, OR, USA

    Any time

    Would love to have an annual week-long or more trade with someone who lives in downtown Portland, OR. Especially the Northwest sector or the Pearl. Open on most dates but would like it to be the warmer, sunnier months if possible. Think late April through October of any year. Could be recurring each year, or more then one time.

  • Seattle, WA, USA

    Any time

    Would love to have an annual week-long (or more) trade with anyone who lives in or near downtown Seattle, i.e., Mt Baker, Queen Anne, Capital Hill, West Seattle, etc. Would especially love trades suring the warmer, sunnier months but open.

  • Europe

    Any time

    Especially London, Paris, Amsterdam but open to other experiences as long as we have plenty of notification time.

  • New York & San Francisco

    Any time

    Open on dates but prefer warmer months, April thru October.


  • Football
  • Culinary Travel
  • Historic Sites
  • Museums
  • Theater/Cinema
  • Shopping
Especially Passionate About

Big city travel...we're from a mid-size Northwest city and love to visit major cities/sites

We used to live in Seattle and San Francisco and love (need!) our big city fix every once in awhile. Our town/area are approx. 225,000, 250,000 including outlying rural areas. Lots of wineries to explore for visitors and tons of other things to do but yet we long for dropping off our car and traveling on foot to discover great things that a big city offers.

Vacation Type