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  • Calgary, AB, Canada

    July 23 — August 16, 2016

    20th Wedding Anniversary Trip. We got married in Canmore and want to bring our 2 teenage sons back for the anniversary.


Exchange Reviews

January - December 2008

What a great exchange!! There is so much to do ...

Kelly & Alanna
Kelly & Alanna from Calgary said

What a great exchange!! There is so much to do and see in the area. The location was good as well. The bus picks you up right outside of Sean and Abigail's house and takes you to the Tube station. The trasit in London is number one. We didn't need a car as it was so easy to get around. The pubs have great food and there's this bakery near the Tube station call Gina's that makes the best Latte we've had in a long time! We would recommend doing an exhcnage with Sean and Abigail anytime!

What we said about Kelly & Alanna 's house:

This is a great home in a lovely community. We had a fantastic time in Calgary. Alanna & Kelly are great people and we would exchange with again without hesitation. The house is lovely and coped with grandparents, parents and kids without any problems. Go here soon!