Pool home in sunny Central Florida!

Traveling Group
  • Betsy School administrator--retired (66)
  • Frank Attorney--retired (73)



  • Cycling
  • Hiking
  • River Rafting/Boating
  • Sailing
  • Swimming
  • Historic Sites
  • Museums
  • Theater/Cinema
Especially Passionate About

Natural landmarks, art, and history.

We've never met a museum we didn't love! Traditional art and history or wacky weird museums. We love waterfalls, canyons, cliffs, and interesting natural land formations.

Vacation Type

Exchange Reviews

June - July 2012

Betsy and Frank This is a perfect exchange trip! We ...

ju from 昆明市, China said

Betsy and Frank This is a perfect exchange trip! We have returned to kunming, but still immersed in the memories of trip to the United States. Orlando, in particular, gave us the most profound, the most beautiful and good memory. Betsy and Frank, a beautiful house, their care and help to us, and their sincere friendship, and their enthusiasm and good neighbors, let us deeply moved. We are deeply in love with Orlando this kind the people, the scenery beautiful place, also fell in love with the exchange of traveling this way to travel.This kind of way to travel can not only save travel costs, but to experience deeply, local customs and culture.

What we said about ju's house:

Although our exchange was a year ago, the wonderful memories are as vibrant as if it were yesterday. We fell in love with our Chinese home exchange family. Jane, Xiaoming, and their son Allen opened their hearts to us, as well as extended family. We were graciously included in a family wedding as honored guests. Jane & Xiaoming entertained us in their home and took us far into the mountains on a trip to meet people from the Miao Chinese ethnic minority. Our experience was beyond expectation. Our goal was to meet local residents and experience Chinese culture. Jane and her family were incredible. We enjoyed their spacious, well-equipped apartment. Jane offered her assistance so that we could travel independently. Jane wrote out directions in Chinese which helped us immensely. I highly recommend this exchange--friendship, hospitality, insight, and lifelong memories.