Traveling Group
  • Akilina Förskola (6)
  • Mari-Elise Sjukpensionär (34)


Preferred Exchanges

  • Open to Any Destination
  • Open to Any Dates
  • Eure, France

    December 23 — April 13, 2017 These dates are flexible

    France .. amour...Nantes, Carcassonne, Dijon et Paris

  • Cyprus

    January 1 — April 13, 2016 These dates are flexible

    Cyprus, my daughter has a great nanny in Ayia Napa and a nanny in Larnaca. She misses them.

  • Australia Occidentale, Australia

    August 1 — August 1, 2016 These dates are flexible

    Australia has always been a dream, so thankful that I am going to Australia next year.

  • Lisboa, Portugal

    April 5 — June 1, 2015 These dates are flexible

    Me and my father are looking for a place to stay from around September til March every year. So we decide to go together from around April til June next year and see if we can find something small on the countryside to maybe buy or rent.

  • Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador

    January 1 — January 1, 2017 These dates are flexible

    Once a read a sad story about Quito, then I read another book about the same place. It has soon gone 16 years since then but Quito is still in my favorite list.


  • Cycling
  • Hiking
  • Horseback Riding
  • Scuba Diving/Snorkeling
  • Skiing
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Yoga/Meditation
  • Culinary Travel
  • Historic Sites
  • Museums
  • Theater/Cinema
Especially Passionate About
Creativity and languages

Creativity and languages

I like to learn to create things like sewing, painting, leather working or to learn more about languages. I also like to be a model. Even if you need a croquis model, I am glad to help. I also like to help people and learn new things that way.

Vacation Type