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  • Hans, August 10, 1962 (53)
  • Wilma, October 7, 1966 (49)


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  • Italië

    Any time These dates are flexible

    Our next exchange is planned in Rome for Christmas & New Year 2015/2016 and we did an exchange in Torino.

  • Florence, Italië

    Any time These dates are flexible

  • Venetië, Italië

    Any time These dates are flexible

  • Sicilië, Italië

    Any time These dates are flexible

  • Oxford, Verenigd Koninkrijk

    Any time These dates are flexible

  • Cumbria, Verenigd Koninkrijk

    Any time These dates are flexible

    Spring or Summer. Preferable with car exchange.

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Especially Passionate About
If it's possible, a bicycle exchange, please!

If it's possible, a bicycle exchange, please!

Even though a car is very nice, getting you from A to B, we know you can get a totally different idea about a place on a bicycle. We've done 8 bike exchanges so far. We're not talking about doing the Tour de France in another country! (Maybe some people would enjoy that very much.) It's not possible in some areas too.
Just another way to "feel" a place would do great, that's all. It's not a problem if you haven't got bikes either, only a plus when you do. We've got citybikes for you and a car rack so you can take them with you.

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Exchange Reviews

July - July 2014

Scheduling our first-ever home exchange with Hans and Wilma was ...

Dan and Sherrill
Dan and Sherrill from California said

Scheduling our first-ever home exchange with Hans and Wilma was a great experience. Not only had we always wanted to see The Netherlands (and the beauty of the Dutch countryside), we were able to establish a great partnership that involved guiding us through the particulars of exchanging as well as traveling overseas to unfamiliar lands. Coming from the congestion of city living in Los Angeles, it was such a breath of fresh air to arrive in Krimpen aan den Ijssel. Biking took precedence, shopping at the local farmer's market was exceptional where Dutch farmer 's cheeses were worth the trip alone, and just settling in for a slower pace was perfect. We enjoyed exploring their idyllic town where classic Dutch row houses were adorned with colorful flowers in their front gardens, where gorgeous swans swam among water lilies in local streams, and cyclists often times had more lanes on the streets than cars did. The country homes with thatched roofs, pasture land with farm animals, as well as intricate mazes of dykes and water ways was just amazing and lived up to our high expectations. By a combination of either: bike, car, train, bus, and waterbus -- we took advantage of all there was to see in Western/South Holland. From the pretty windmills at Kinderdijk, to the high energy of Rotterdam, world-class museums at The Hague, renowned pottery at Delft, delicious cheeses in Gouda and the beauty of historic Dordrecht -- we really felt deeply immersed in the culture and splendor of Holland. Many of these towns were reachable by the great bikes left for us to use. And, one cannot forget to mention the excitement of Amsterdam which was just a short drive to the North. We arranged a spontaneous three day side trip on a fabulous AirBnB houseboat in Amsterdam which we highly recommend doing as well. Hans and Wilma's home was very comfortable and we enjoyed all the amenities provided there. The updated kitchen made for wonderful cooking and the conservatory was a lovely place to hang out as well as the backyard. Their overall clean Dutch modern aesthetic was lovely and inviting. We were even able to enjoy the company of very warm and hospitable neighbors that were anticipating our arrival. Since our return home, we have continued to stay in touch with them, as well as Hans and Wilma. We have great memories from our trip and have built lasting friendships as well. One could not have asked for a more perfect exchange. Thank you!

November -1

Hans and Wilma have a lovely comfortable home on a ...

Jinny from Water Mill said

Hans and Wilma have a lovely comfortable home on a canal in the small town of Krimpen. We enjoyed for a week being out in countryside rather than confined in a city. The biking (with their good bikes) was beautiful in that area, especially around the Kinderdjick windmills. And it was very easy to get in and out of Rotterdam; we especially loved the water taxi ferry. Wilma provides many folders of information about the sights around Krimpen and other nearby cities. These were very helpful. We highly recommend this place.

Hans & Wilma
What we said about Jinny's house:

Instead of their Hamptons house we stayed at Jinny's and Marks big, central NYC apartment with great view of Manhattan. See photographs. Thanks - Hans & Wilma

November -1

What a wonderful experience with our first exchange. We were ...

Mimi from United States (USA) said

What a wonderful experience with our first exchange. We were glad that we got a chance to greet them in person. Hans and Wilma are so easy going and delightful. Wilma helped us prepare for this first exchange and we were kept well informed on their travel plans. Their insight into home exchange helped us plan our next few exchanges. They took good care of our pets and our home. I look forward to visiting their home in the Netherlands this summer!

Hans & Wilma
What we said about Mimi's house:

This creative storytelling house with its own personality and imaginative fabulous garden and garden room was the first of our 2 exchanges in Miami, and a perfect way to start our vacation. It’s on a great location, close to stylish Coral Gables and with easy access to Metrorail. Ed and Mimi were fantastic hosts during the time we were there. They showed us around, and we got the feeling we were able so see much more layers of the city with their help and insight of the place. We felt very welcome and actually forgot we were tourists. Thanks so much. Looking forward to meet again. – Hans & Wilma

July - July 2015

This was our very first home exchange and I cannot ...

Mimi from United States (USA) said

This was our very first home exchange and I cannot think of two better people to have begun our exchange with, than Wilma and Hans. In the course of the exchange we had the wonderful opportunity to meet face-to-face, on both sides of the Atlantic. We were in Miami, when they came here and they were in Krimpen, during our stay. Without a doubt this made the exchanges more full and flavorful than I imagined! Wilma and Hans's house is a wonderful combination of their two personalities. She has a graphic design background and he enjoys a streamlined clean look. The blending of their styles really works. We felt so at home there. We spent our home time sitting in the winter garden room at the big oak table, eating and talking or petting the cat. Since they were in town, the four of us travelled to many close by villages and festivals. The biggest rainstorm in 30 summers did not deter us from traveling by ferry, metro, bike and by foot. It was an adventure! The countryside is beautiful and from their house- you can actually walk along the dike. We got be have warm experiences with new people and places. Now we have good friends, who live in the Netherlands...and that... is wonderful!

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