Welcome to LA !

Traveling Group
  • Marianne Actor (67)
  • Tom Retired Military (66)


Preferred Exchanges

  • Open to Any Destination
  • San Francisco, CA, USA

    December 19 — December 28, 2015 These dates are flexible

  • Rome, Italy

    June 27 — July 4, 2015 These dates are flexible

    Will be returning to Rome from a cruise and wish to stay in Rome from June 27, 2016 for 1 week. Our home however, will be available from June 15 until Aug 3, 2016 so you may wish to stay longer in our home than we stay in yours.

  • Ireland

    July 25 — August 3, 2016 These dates are flexible

    We must be in Glenfarne, Leitrim for a family reunion July 30, 31 & Aug 1 of 2016. I would like to come earlier to introduce my husband to magnifiecnt Ireland. Am open to exchanging in other areas of Ireland besides Leitrim.

  • London, UK

    July 5 — July 24, 2015 These dates are flexible


  • Historic Sites
  • Museums
  • Theater/Cinema
Especially Passionate About

Give us History

It is safe to say, if you have any kind of historical site, store, factory, church, meadow, bridge, ETC. anything remotely historical, we'll want to know about it.

We also both love the theatre, museums, cultural performances of any sort.

Marianne loves the urban rush, Tom prefers bucolic nature settings.

Fortunately we both enjoy each others preferences.

Vacation Type

Exchange Reviews

December - December 2014

What a perfect exchange. Marianne and Tom left our house ...

Barbara & Bill
Barbara & Bill from Point Richmond said

What a perfect exchange. Marianne and Tom left our house in excellent order, and their house was understated in their photos and description. It was spectacular! A turn of the century Craftsman home in central LA, with easy access to freeways and downtown. And we felt like we were in a historic Hollywood home with Marianne's studio memorabilia framed on walls and her movie and TV collections on display. Also, a very nice backyard and a great DVD collection. What a fantastic place and wonderful exchange! Highly recommended.

Marianne & Tom
What we said about Barbara & Bill's house:

Our week in this charming Port Richmond cottage was nothing less than spectacular. Beautifully positioned with the entire Bay area at our fingertips we enjoyed exploring areas of Oakland, San Francisco and the delightful historical town of Port Richmond. Bill & Barbara's home is a comfort haven and exquisitedly appointed in Old World detail. We just loved our stay.

November -1

Marianne and Tom were our hospitality hosts for five days ...

Flora from Germany said

Marianne and Tom were our hospitality hosts for five days in August 2014. This means, we did not swap homes. We lived together under their roof. This home exchange experience was new to us and very exciting. It takes a lot of trust, to allow people you do not know, to stay with you for a number of days. When you are young, you maybe try couch surfing, but as you get older, it is not really an option. You want some privacy, space, a good bed.... We felt very welcome from the first minute on. Marianne and Tom are wonderful people, we are very glad, to have met. Both have busy schedules, but nevertheless took the time to show us some interesting spots in LA, we otherwise had never seen. Marianne took us to an exclusive film screening and Tom baked a cake, together with my son. We loved every minute of our stay. Their home is state of the art for respect, love and good taste. We highly recommend Marianne and Tom as exchange partners.

Exchange photos from :
Marianne & Tom
What we said about Flora's house:

My husband and I hosted the delightful Flora and her son Rio for five days in August, 2014. This mother- son team could not be more engaging, adventuresome and, independent. Although we maintained a busy schedule we managed to spend time together each day and enjoyed hearing about what they had seen and where they had traveled in big, beautiful Los Angeles. We are looking forward to visiting them in Potsdam, Germany.

November -1

Marianne and Tom were our hospitality hosts for a week ...

Mélanie & Thomas
Mélanie & Thomas said

Marianne and Tom were our hospitality hosts for a week in March 2015. In a word, it was just PERFECT ! They are lovely people and their house is so nice...we felt so good being there, we didnt want to leave ! We HIGHLY recommend Marianne and Tom as exchange partners.

July - August 2015

Marianne and Tom are very friendly, and we are very ...

Anne from 20th arrondissement of Paris said

Marianne and Tom are very friendly, and we are very satisfied with the exchange.Their house is huge, pleasant, clean and nicely decorated and fournished. It was the perfect exchange!

Marianne & Tom
What we said about Anne's house:

My husband & I had such a marvelous time visiting Paris for three weeks. Being able to come home to Anne & Perre's charming apartment was pivotal in makeing this trip so exceptional. We loved being in a working class neighborhood, where you see a true cross section of Parisians. We loved the privacy, secuity and quiet of their home. Larger than the standard Parisian aparrtment, we enjoyed cooking meals, sitting in their grden & visiting neighbors. The fact that they live so near one of the most historical cemeteries in the world was a great bonus. We spent the bulk of two days exploring that glorious place, chock a block with the final resting place of so many famous people. Thank you Anne & Pierre!