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Exchange Reviews

July - August 2014

Our 2014 summer vacations were just wonderful and will be unforgettable! ...

Patrice from Quebec said

Our 2014 summer vacations were just wonderful and will be unforgettable! Sandra and Larry are very nice people and the communication went very well to establish confidence. They have been very respectful of our house. Their house was clean, confortable and fully equiped. The location of their home is very convenient; close to the best beaches ever seen and central to the Island, whatever we wanted to go East up to Montauk or West to New York. It was just perfect for us to enjoy this beautiful region. We highly recommend this family to whoever wants to do an exchange with them.

Exchange photos from :
Sandra and Larry
What we said about Patrice's house:

We had a wonderfully relaxing visit this summer at the home of the Levoie family in St-Augustin-de-Desmaures, a small suburb about a 20 minute drive from Quebec City. Their home is lovely, well ordered, and nicely decorated, with a heated swimming pool and a beautifully landscaped patio, located in a wooded area across from a golf course. It is not far from grocery stores and other conveniences. During our exchange, we drove to Quebec City several times to visit the historic sites, browse the sidewalk art, and shop. We also drove to nearby Montmorency Falls, spent a day on Ile de Orleans, and enjoyed some excellent meals everywhere we went, including to restaurants recommended by the family. On a couple of rainy days, we enjoyed just relaxing in the sunroom of the home, reading and watching the rain fall. We met the Levoie family via Skype a few months before our exchange, and we exchanged numerous emails with them thereafter, including during our exchange. We were impressed with the family's friendliness and with our perception of the respect shown by the parents to the children and by the children toward their parents. We, also, appreciated the condition in which they left our home. We feel very warmly toward this family--Patrice, Lynne, Isaac, Jacob, and Justine--and wholeheartedly recommend them as excellent exchange partners.