Hello, hope you'll find us and Sweden interesting enough for a swap

Traveling Group
  • Marcus Corporate banking (35)
  • Karin Private banking (37)
  • Felicia (4)
  • Amanda (2)


Preferred Exchanges

  • Open to Any Dates
  • United States

    Any time

  • France

    Any time

  • Italy

    Any time

  • Canada

    Any time

  • Spain

    Any time


  • Golf
  • Scuba Diving/Snorkeling
  • Skiing
  • Culinary Travel
  • Historic Sites
  • Museums
  • Shopping
Especially Passionate About
Scuba diving

Scuba diving

We passionately love to scuba dive. The beauty of the world beneath the surface is staggering, it is also very relaxing to only hear ones breathing.

Vacation Type