We Will Exchange Our Home for the Rest of Our Lives!

We couldn’t really say which exchange has been better because all were wonderful and all were different.

Where We Have Traveled

Valencia (Spain), New York, Florida (Sarasota, Key Largo, Coral Gable, Madeira Beach), St. Thomas (Virgin Islands), St Maarten, Bahamas (Hope Town, Freeport), Costa Rica, Rome, Milan.

Why We Became Members

When Alessia lived alone she had this idea because she wanted to travel with a friend for one month in the US and she wanted improve her English and try to deeply experience the American lifestyle, so she thought this could be a good way to do it and to save some money. After this experience she never changed her idea about travel using home exchange.

That ’s us traveling for our exchange to Florida, USA

We couldn’t really say which exchange has been the best because all were wonderful and all were different. It also depends where you go, with whom you exchange, for how long and in which season. We can surely say that we are in touch with almost all of our friends we met through HomeExchange.com.
Even when we arranged to exchange at different times (non- simultaneous exchange), we always found a way to meet each other for a few days. With some exchange partners we met only a few times, with others many times. We have met Janna and Dave from Florida every year since our first exchange in 2006. So we still have to go to Hawaii, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Sardinia, Canada, St Croix and Delaware. Sometimes we have also hosted a single person and for a few days we lived together in our house….Anitha from San Francisco stayed with us 2 times, and Fran from Delaware stayed with us for 3 weeks. In the beginning my parents were skeptical but then they ended up exchanging in Florida and Spain with our home exchange friends. They also stayed with an American couple in the couple’s house in Paris. 
Alessia often says that home exchange is one of the best things we did in our lives, something that she is really proud of!!  Alice, our 4 year-old daughter , had her first home exchange at 14 months old in Florida  and her last 2 months ago  in the Bahamas! She has already exchanged about 15 times, and we are very proud to give her this opportunity. Now she understands what we are doing when we exchange and she is very happy to do it, leaving her bed, her things and her room to someone else.  Alice is also at ease when she enters a new house. She has great respect for the things she finds in the homes of others, and we think it’s a really good experience for her.