There's Plenty Of Room To Play!

Home Exchange is so economical. We need to take less luggage because there is a washing machine and we can also cook at home.

Where We Have Traveled

Australia, Amsterdam and Paris. 

About Us

I am a Feng-Shui consultant and Peter works as a technical engineer. Our children are 10 and 4 years old. We love to travel, enjoy design and architecture. 
We are living in Austria and have already exchanged our home with families from Sydney, Amsterdam and Paris. A nice hotel room is lovely but quite cramped if you are traveling with children. It is a  pleasure to live in a real home where children have enough  space to play and where we can enjoy the evening in a cozy living room. We also need to take less luggage with us, because there is a washing machine! Home Exchange also means economical cooking at home. 
The best thrill for our family is the  anticipation: "What will the house of our exchange partners look like?”