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Nick's favorite hobby is scuba diving.


Nick joined at the beginning of last year, and before that he worked for T-Mobile in Croatia. He’s studied Business and Economics. Nick is passionate about travelling and exploring new places and his work with Home Exchange offers him excellent flexibility as he can work while he travels. His favorite hobby is scuba diving.

Where Nikola Skrtic has traveled

Japan, China, Taiwan, The Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Turkey, Egypt, Brazil, Spain, France, Monaco, Germany, Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, The Vatican, United Kingdom, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia

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One amazing thing he has done

When I was 21 I went on a five month trip across South and South east Asia all by myself.

Why he loves

Even before I heard about, when I travelled I always liked meeting up with the locals and having them show me around I believe it's the best way to experience a new country, with that is taken to a whole new level where you stay as a local.