Representative for Hungary

She’s mad about traveling and is famous among her friends for having organized some rather ‘original’ trips.


Éva has had marketing and PR experience with an international language school network and with the annual Budapest Spring Festival. She’s mad about traveling and is famous among her friends for having organized some rather ‘original’ trips. She received her first HE subscription from Ildi for her birthday last year and has already had two exchanges. Éva loves hiking, cross country skiing and in fact helped Ildi set up Botsport Nordic Walking in Hungary. Along with organizing hikes and training on team-building events, she loves entertaining her friends in her spacious penthouse apartment. Her cooking is well known to everyone who has entered her home, with her liver paté being a perennial favorite.

Where Éva Csallóközi has traveled

Easier to collect the ones I haven't been to but would love to visit: South America, South Africa, Japan, India...

Favorite Quote

"Az igazi jó kalandokat mindig a véletlen hozza, de ritkán hozza helybe. El kell indulni valamerre, hogy találkozzunk velük." (The truly good adventures are brought to you by coincidence but it rarely delivers them to you. You have to leave somewhere to meet them.) -Varga Domokos

One amazing thing she has done

A few years ago I accidentally ended up in Croatia, in a little bay of an island (Brac), in a big family house 20 steps from the unbelievably turquoise Adriatic Sea. Like in the American movies, a place I would never have dreamed of experiencing myself. There and then (on the terrace) I decided to rent the whole house for 6 weeks next summer. The Croat owners were nice and we agreed on a reasonable price. I came back, made a website, made all the calculations and started advertising it for my friends to come and share the costs. Since the nearest little town was far I offered an all inclusive stay: I bought the fish fresh from fishermen and prepared all the food. I received some 20+ friends, some came by car, some by a low budget airlines, I picked them up at the harbour. What a summer it was...

Why she loves

As a Christmas Last Minute I helped a couple from Rome to find exchangers in Budapest. We exchanged a few emails and they were very pleased with the result. So I invited them for dinner one evening, looking forward to it. So Home Exchange is often NOT just about traveling...