Creative Director

Creative, Compassionate, Inspired Traveler


Rhonda Conry comes to HomeExchange with over 24 years of award-winning creative experience in the areas of brand building, advertising, print and web design. Her expertise in these areas and her strong industry reputation make her a solid leader and a recognized expert in her field. Her extensive experience has allowed her to work with clients such as Paramount Pictures, Disney, The Grammys, Sony, Atlantic Records, Warner Music Group, Hard Rock Online, Capitol Records, Virgin Records, and musical artists such as Michael Jackson, Erasure, Van Halen and Tori Amos. In her spare time, Rhonda teaches art classes, loves to hike, practice yoga, snowboard and kickbox. She spends as much time as possible with family and close friends. She is a committed home exchanger, has been to 23 countries and enjoys traveling the world discovering people, cultures, art and food with her hubby, Peter and her 14 year old son, Slater.

Where Rhonda Conry has traveled

Us, Canada, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Guam, Marshall Islands, Caribbean Islands, Jamaica, Morocco, Italy, Holland, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Mexico, Spain, Iceland, Australia, Belgium, Croatia, Greece, Korea

Favorite Quote

“To travel is to awaken” - Lily Tsay

One amazing thing she has done

My son and I had an amazing opportunity to teach an art class to homeless children in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Watching my son interact and mentor these children was a life-changing moment for us both and one we’ll never forget.

Why she loves

I have been traveling abroad my entire life and have many friends who live in different countries. I am so grateful to have become a home exchanger. It has expanded my perspective about travel as a whole and has allowed my family the opportunity to continue to plan trips near and far in a more affordable way. HomeExchange allows us to visit friends, make new friends and have new and exciting life adventures together all around the world.