Lead QA Analyst

Alin, located in Romania, is our Lead QA Analyst.


Alin, located in Romania, is our Lead QA Analyst. His main role is checking, verifying, and testing the websites, assuring quality for all users. Although his job involves pointing out problems to the developers and bugging them with issues, they still like him (or so he hopes). He's into anything related to new cool gadgets and technology and is an avid reader of sci-fi books. However, he won't say no to a classic old book or a good movie. Home Exchange is a great chance to further develop his QA skills in an international environment and enjoy more of his recently discovered hobby, traveling.

Where Alin Burduhos has traveled

Germany, Hungary, Austria, Croatia, US, Denmark, Italy, Spain, France, Croatia, Belgium, and Holland

Favorite Quote

"Our life is what our thoughts make it." -Marc Aurelius

One amazing thing he has done

Spent 3 days snowed in with no food in a forest cabin, on just melted snow and vodka.

Why he loves HomeExchange.com

Because it allows you to experience a different way of traveling - like having a thousand homes, anywhere you want. You're not visiting a new place, you're living there for a brief moment. Smaller costs and meeting wonderful people are just added benefits.