UI Designer & Illustrator

Marko has been creating sweetness every day, since he took the paint brush in his hand when he was a kid.


Born as an explorer, creative person, a dreamer and an idealist. His greatest passions are illustrations, art and cooking. Yes, cooking! Besides his love for drawing and designing web and mobile applications, his greatest passion is making delicious treats. The evidence for that is his 'extra support' around the belly, which prevents him from drowning :) He also enjoys fantasy and SF. He says he's a trekkie in heart. He likes to visit theatre plays, concerts and art exhibitions, where he fuels his creativity. He also finds that inspiration in nature, which he frequently visits, as well as distant travels, which he plans to have more in the future. To stay sharp, and maintain his 'life support' around the belly, he regularly visits the local gym.

Where Marko Stupić has traveled

Canada, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Italy.

Favorite Quote

“Never a failure, always a lesson.” - Rihanna

One amazing thing he has done

The proudest thing that Marko has done is icon-a-day.com project. It changed his life by 360 degrees, which is almost the number of icons he made. Drawing every day helped to show his skills as an illustrator, but also gained him respect and recognition among his designer colleagues. After that project sky was the limit. He believes that life is a continuous learning process, and that these kind of goals help push our own limits, which makes us grow - as professionals and as individuals.

Why he loves HomeExchange.com

It’s a fun and exciting way to travel.