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Lives in a small town with big-world experiences, excitement, and aspirations


Petra was born in Brezice, Slovenia but has been living in Samobor (beautiful small town very close to Zagreb – Croatia’s capital city) for most of her life. She spent eight years living in Dubrovnik (one of the most famous Croatian cities on Dalmatian coast), two and a half years living in the USA, seven months living in Germany and six months on a cruise ship. She graduated from the American College of Management and Technology in Dubrovnik, Croatia (sister college from the RIT, Rochester, NY) with a Major in Resort Development and Tourism. She has been working in almost all branches of tourism except in the airline industry. Petra likes traveling and meeting new people. She enjoys cooking and entertaining friends and family. She adores animals and nature.

Where Petra Brekalo has traveled

Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, USA, Bahamas

Favorite Quote

Expect the worst but hope for the best.

One amazing thing she has done

She went to the USA all by herself to work as an Au Pair for one year when she was 19 years old.

Why she loves

Petra loves because it is a great meeting place for all the adventurers, openminded, curious, and friendly people. It helps individuals and families to easily explore the World, to share their interests and to make long term friendships.