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Peace Keeper, Smile Maker, and Lover of the HomeExchange Community


John joined the RAF at 18 years old and enjoyed the next 10 years with them. Afterwards he bought a house in Britain and stayed there for 5 years. John then worked with the Multinational Force & Observers in Sinai for 3 years before joining the United Nations Peace Keeping as a Field service Officer for the next 8 years. Serving mainly in the middle east. He then decided it was time for a change and became a British Red Cross delegate and worked for ICRC Geneva in Kosavo, Belgrade and Nairobi. After all of these great efforts, his Croatian wife then said it was time to stay home, and he is happy to do so.

Where John Tingle has traveled

Worked in Egypt, Damascus, Jerusalem, Vukovar, Zagreb, Nairobi Kenya, Kosavo, Belgrade

Favorite Quote

When I was in the Sinai desert after a flash flood at Christmas 1985 I asked God, "What am I doing here?" He obviously didn't listen to me as I was there for 3 years!

One amazing thing he has done

I walked up Massada, and was in a massai camp at the foot of Kilimanjaro.

Why he loves

I like the community spirit of HE, honesty and the fact that as customer care we are able to really take care of our customers and not trick them as some companies expect you to do. I have found that generally our members are good people who understand and enjoy the principals of HE. I have probably made more friends of members, since my short time with HE than I have ever before in any other positions I have been in.