Representative for Germany and Austria

Traveling, intercultural encounters & sustainable lifestyle


Susanne sees a big chance in spreading the idea of Homeexchange in Germany, Austria & Swiss by connecting her Assignment as Representatives for HaustauschFerien with her Inbound-marketing agency specialized on green & sustainable brands. Traveling, intercultural encounters & sustainable lifestyle themes have always been a red line in her life. As a teenager she was already traveling by herself. With 14 years spent her summer-holidays in South of Italy in Calabria to be a summer-au pair for a 1 year old girl. Together they started to speak their first Italian words. When she was 18, she crossed Italy from North of Italy to Sicily with her 6 peergirl-friends in an old 2 Cheveaux cabriolet. At 19, she travelled to California where she joined and adventurous 5-week “Green-tortoise” pioneer bus -trip across Mexico with about 25 people in an old transformed school-bus. Susanne studied Cultural Anthropology and attended a training to be a travel -guide. She also organized travel- concepts for one of the most famous travel businesses in Germany before she started own sustainable focussed travel-agency for families . She also worked for a international school-exchange organization. Susanne started Homeexchanging 17 years ago with her husband Christoph and their nowadays 23-years old son Louis. She is sure, Homeexchange is the best education & school for every child as Homeexchange teaches them next to tolerance, responsibility, sharing, generosity also to look over the rim of their tea cup. As “empty nesters” Susanne and her husband Christoph are now enjoying the freedom of their new lifestyle to work and travel partly from abroad, via HaustauschFerien. She loves to travel & discover new places, to test & taste new flavours and to get inspired by: new ideas & philosophies, landscapes, the different homes- and lifestyles of homeexchange-partners. When she is at home in the “Green-city” awarded Freiburg she enjoys spending time with her family, meeting her friends, walk or bicycle to the historical city-center, to stroll over the colorful farmers market, to be outdoors in the surrounding woods and hills of the Black-Forest, to join her Yoga-group 2-3 times a week, to read & study about Ayurveda and to prepare their next homeexchange!

Where Susanne Dahn has traveled

Germany, Swiss, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Türkey, Croatia, Tunesia,, USA, Mexico, Marocco, Denemark, Thailande,Greece, Canada, Netherlands

Favorite Quote

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” - Mahatma Gandhi

One amazing thing she has done

Volunteering in a hospice, accompanying people who were about to pass.

Why she loves

Because for her Homeexchange means much more than traveling. It is an attitude to life. It has the potential to change the world in a positive way.