Travel Lover || Entrepreneur || Prefers Two-Wheeled Transportation


Emmanuel Arnaud is the CEO of Emmanuel Arnaud graduated from HEC (Paris) and Harvard University. His passion for sustainable development led him to pursue a career in the energy industry, where he had the opportunity to work in both the public and private sector. His first entrepreneurial challenge was in Pakistan where he helped cofound a company specializing in economical and sustainable insulation solutions. In his off time, Emmanuel and his family love to travel and it was during their first attempt at organizing a home exchange that Emmanuel had an idea that would revolutionize the home exchange market. The idea was to create a system of points that could be used to organize non-simultaneous exchanges. Thanks to the financial support of 22 different families, Emmanuel was able to bring his idea to life and founded GuesttoGuest in 2011. Emmanuel went on to meet Charles-Edouard Girard at an entrepreneurial networking event and the two decided to partner up and bring home exchange into the 21st century. In 2017, GuesttoGuest officially acquired and together these two companies make up the largest home exchange community in the world. Emmanuel works with the product development teams for both companies.

Where Emmanuel Arnaud has traveled

All European capitals, US, Mongolia, India, and is on his way to the moon!

Favorite Quote

Do or do not there is no try.

One amazing thing he has done

He and his wife sailed back from Boston to France on their own 30 ft. boat.

Why he loves

Because I love to share, because I love to meet new people, because I love to travel, because it simply makes sense, because I hate hotels with kids, because it's so convenient, because it gave me my best travel memories, because it's awesome, because it simply the best way to travel!