Translation Specialist

Lover of language and long runs


Born and raised in Milan, Annalisa has always been attracted by people and cultures, so it was a natural choice for her to study foreign languages already in high school. Right after she graduated in Interpretation and Translation, she thought it would be a good idea to live for a while outside of Italy, so she ventured in Los Angeles... and never made it back home! She brings her love of travel, communication, and home exchange to our team and if she is not learning a new language, you can find her training for her next marathon.

Που έχει ταξιδέψει ο/η Annalisa Rinetti

Most of Europe, the United States, Canada and Mexico

Αγαπημένη Φράση

If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room.

Ένα απίθανο πράγμα που έχει κάνει

Ran a Marathon

Γιατί αγαπά το

I love being a local, as opposed to a tourist, and allows me to feel part of the culture of the country I visit