Representative for Portugal

Antonio is always exploring the world of culture.


Whether it’s in his favorite vacation destination Venice, Italy or in his current residence in Portugal, Antonio is always exploring the world of culture. He loves the concept of Home Exchange for a number of reasons. Not only do his wife and two sons prefer the ease of a home away from home, but there is also comfort in knowing someone is taking care of their place while they are away. Playing traditional games is a forever favorite of his and when he is not spending time with friends and family, he is a freelance journalist covering every sort of local topic.

Που έχει ταξιδέψει ο/η António Batista Bernardino

Spain, France, England, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, United States of America, Canada, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Mexico

Αγαπημένη Φράση

"Never say never."

Ένα απίθανο πράγμα που έχει κάνει

Camping on a deserted island.

Γιατί αγαπά το

Besides being able to live like a local and save money, I am contributing to a better world.