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Roser has worked at HomeExchange since 2012 and she is very excited to grow a community of HomeExchangers around the world. She loves hearing stories about home exchange experiences and turning them into great inspiring stories. She is a great enthusiast of blogs and traveling, and has finally transformed her passion into a vocation. She studied Media and Communication and specialized in Digital Marketing for the tourism industry. She has been a blogger for 10 years and worked in several travel companies, including a start-up adventure. Check out her two blogs to discover her family travel recommendations: and (in Spanish).

Που έχει ταξιδέψει ο/η Roser Goula

France, Portugal, Italy, Germany, UK, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Hungary, Latvia, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and of course Spain.

Αγαπημένη Φράση

"Today is the perfect day to start living your dream"

Ένα απίθανο πράγμα που έχει κάνει

I did a 4-month honeymoon around the world staying at 5 different HomeExchange houses. I stayed one month in New York, another wonderful month in Australia, another amazing month in New Zealand and a last heavenly month in Thailand. And yes, I do love HomeExchange!

Γιατί αγαπά το

When I travel I like to be part of the culture I am visiting. HomeExchange allows me to do this. Plus, now that I travel with a baby, I find HomeExchange an even better solution for my holidays. In every home we go, we have baby items, lots of “new” toys, a kitchen to prepare the family meals, lots of room for all of us and the best recommendations for kid-friendly activities from our exchange partners. What hotel can beat that?