Evas Haus : 6 Menschen, mit Privater Garten, København Ø

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Cool creative home, close to the city, kid friendly and a beautiful garden. We are a small family, living in a house apartement (top half of a house) located in a unique combination of close to the city (15 min on bike to city centre) and green, surburban relaxation, with gardens and nature close by. Having two kids aged 7 and 10 means that our house is best suited for families, as we have all the toys! Good food, music, games, creativity, nature and people are our favorite things, so we have tried to create a home that makes all those things easy and available. The apartment is divided into two floors with the bottom floor consisting a large spacious central living space that combines an open kitchen (with lots of room for guests while you cook), dining room (with a large central table), living room (couch and tv) and musical corner (for jamming). Also on the bottom floor is the combined toilet/shower and the childrens room, a paradise for kids with two bunk beds, toys, games and books abundant. A staircase leading into the garden on the outside provides a second entry. The second floor holds the master bedroom and an office space/attic space for all our stuff. There is plenty of screens, internet, game consoles and chromecast if the need arises. In the garden, we have build a garden house/workshop/studio/grill spot that serves as an all purpose hangout place and creative outlet. Want to build something while here? Go right ahead, we would love to see what you do! This is also a good space to sit throughout the day, hiding in the shade of the trees while the kids play in the garden. Also in the garden is a trampoline, a set of swings and a small playhouse. And flowers.

Was Sie im Nachbarschafts-Viertel lieben werden

Quiet safe neighbourghood, close to the city, but also walking distance to small lake and shopping. Train and busses close by and free plenty parking. Beach is 10 minutes away on bikes! Day to day shopping is 5 min walking distance with plenty of ecofriendly veggies and meat.

Zusätzliche Informationen

Christiania (cargo) bike for easy Copenhagen experiences included. Bikes for the whole family also included (2 kid bikes, 2 adult bikes) Family car included.

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#1532295 URL copiée !


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