Stefans Haus : 8 Menschen, mit Privater Garten, Vatnsendi

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Was Sie an dieser Unterkunft lieben werden

Our wonderful home is located in Reykjavik suburban, in a town called Kopavogur. We have a beautiful view over the lake and nature, as well as we have a good access to the nature. We just step out the door to take a walk, run, bicycle or fish in the lake. We are located near to a golf course and a big swimming pool with hot tubs and sauna. One of the Iceland's biggest shopping mall is located in our town and groceries stores are in walking distance. The house is well equipped with barbecue and everything you should need to make your stay joyful and comfortable. We have two cats, but they will stay in a cat hotel while we are away.

Was Sie im Nachbarschafts-Viertel lieben werden

Here are some tips for you about leisure in our neighborhood: If one like doing crazy things like going inside the Volcano: Actually there is a view over this area from our house. Blue Lagoon is one of the wonders of the world. It is a great experience to go there and have a deep relaxation at the same time: If one is in the mood to do simple things like just enjoy the nature, run or walk or go catch fish as well, there are oppurtunity to do that in our neighbourhood. Here are some information about the lake and surroundings: Why not visite the whales, like Keiko. There are plenty of opportunities to see them all around the country, her is one homepage to look at: For children of all ages a nice thing to do is to spend a day in the Family park. There you can see the Icelandic house animals, like sheeps, cows, and horses as well they have some entertainment devices. There are also some grill availables so that you can do your own barbeque there if you want to. As we have plenty of hot water here in Iceland we have wonderful swimming pools all over. Here you can find some further information: And at least we must disclose a secret, there is a beach in Reykjavik where you can lie in the sun and swim in the sea ;)

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We have beautiful view over the lake and nature. We have a large rooftop where we love to stay. It takes only 15 min to get to center of Reykjavik

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Ja, diese Unterkunft verfügt über einen oder mehrere Parkplätze.
Diese Unterkunft verfügt über 4 Schlafzimmer.
Die Fläche dieser Unterkunft beträgt 250m2.
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