New York is usually a short city break destination, either on it’s own or as part of a longer holiday.

So you really don’t want to take too much, especially if you plan on doing a bit of shopping when you get there!


By following WhatToWearOnHoliday’s packing list and advice for New York, you can pack everything you need for your trip in your carry-on luggage therefore saving you money on those pesky airline baggage fees! It will also save you a lot of time at the airport, with no need to check in at the baggage carousel – a real bonus on shorter trips when you want to minimize your time.

Invest in a good lightweight, cabin-compliant suitcase or backpack – most airlines have similar restrictions although the ‘budget’ lines are the most strict. If your case fits within their allowed dimensions then you should be able to take it on board almost anywhere (although do double check any weight limits too).

– For New York, you really don’t need to dress up for much – even if you plan on catching a Broadway show. So, unless you’re on business or have plans to go to church, all of your clothes should be casual. Dark colors such as black and grey are favorites with the locals, although there are so many tourists that you will see all sorts of colors.

– For footwear, there is tons to see and do and much of it is best done on foot. Make sure you have a pair of really comfy shoes for walking around all day. For the evenings, some glamorous shoes or sandals wouldn’t be out of place.

The weather and temperature differences in New York can be extreme, so check the forecasts for the time of year you will be visiting. Summer (June to September) can be boiling hot, so lightweight clothes in natural fabrics (cotton, linen or silk) will be best – and don’t forget good sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses.

Winter on the other hand (December to February) is freezing. You really do need to wear lots of warm layers including a thick coat and scarf. A hat or ear muffs would also be welcome. Choose layers that you can shed easily because indoors it will typically feel much much warmer.

If you like gyms or day spas there are loads to choose from, so make sure you pack your kit and swimwear for this.

You should really try to pack light because you are likely to find some lovely new clothes in the shops. Also if you head to Macy’sdepartment store take your passport because visitors can claim a discount off all purchases. Last, but not least it’s also really easy to get laundry done with plenty of cleaners to choose from.

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