This Week is dedicated to the biggest country in the Americas: Canada!

This country is well-known for the diversity of its landscapes and all the activities you can enjoy over there. If you have once dreamt to visit this beautiful country, this article is for you! Let’s discover our top 10 activities to do in Canada!

1. Contemplate the amazing Niagara Falls


The Niagara Falls are three gigantic waterfalls that are located at the border of the United States and Canada. Even though they are smaller (57 meters high) than the Iguazu Falls and the Victoria Falls, they are very powerfull and remain one of the most impressive waterfalls around the World. The Niagara falls also represent a considerable source of hydropower. After a nice boat tour under the falls, you can go biking in very beautiful path above the falls.

2. Climb at the top of CN Tower

cn tower

This tower is also called the “official tower of Canada”. It is 447 meters high and is the symbol of the city of Toronto. It has been built to enable a better broadcasting of radio waves, that is why it is so high and is the third highest building on the planet. You reach the top of the building by a transparent elevator from which you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the city. The bottom of the elevator is also glass… breathtaking!

3. Go fishing on lake Ontario


Located on the east of the country, this lake is a perfect place for people who love to go fishing.
There, if you are lucky enough, you can see bears that come to fish the many salmons of the lake. For nature-lovers, it is also the ideal place to go for a walk, or have a pic-nic on the shore of the lake. Weather is pleasant during the Spring, a place to bear in mind to escape the noise of the city.

4. Experience the wilderness on a dog sled


On the northern part of the country, you can go on a dog sled tour during the winter. Every sled is pulled by 6 husky dogs, trained to carry you as long as possible. It’s a wonderful experience and you can discover the wilderness and the sublime landscapes of Canada. After a good day in the snow on you dog sled, you can share a nice and warm meal with your family or your group!

5. Give up your diet and and try the “Poutine”


“Poutine” is a dish from Quebec made of french fries and cheddar. On top of that, add some hot barbecue sauce that make the cheese melt. This dish appeared in the 50s, and was popular mainly in rural areas where winter was harsh. Nowadays, its a very popular dish in Canada, especially in Quebec. If you are on a diet, don’t try it, it’s probably one of the fattest dishes you can find in Canada 😉

6. Discover Canadian History at the Canadian Museum of History

Located in the city center of Ottawa, the Canadian Museum of History has a superb view over the river and the Canadian Parliament. The aim of the museum is to “collect, study preserve and present the objects that testify of Human History of Canada, and the diversity of its population.” It was created in 1856 and is today the most visited museum in all Canada. It also has very good temporary exhibitions about the Canadian culture and History.

7. Meet bears and Grizzlis in the National Parks


The National Parks of the Canadians Rocky Mountains seem to be places conceived for bears and humans to meet. You can go for a walk in the forest and see the bears in their natural ecosystem. You are scared ? There are many park rangers and nurses to prevent you from being attacked. They also give you explainations about how they are trying to preserve this species. A very nice walk to do with your family!

8. Visit the Capital city, Ottawa


If you didn’t know that Ottawa was the capital city of Canada, don’t worry you’re probably not alone! It has been the capital city since 1857 and hosts the majority of the Canadian institutions and federal agencies. You need to chose the season in which you want to go there because the temperatures can vary from -35 degrees to +35 degree :). There you can also see the National Gallery of Canada, which has many famous work such as paintings from Andy Warhol for example.

9. Enjoy typical pancakes with mapple syrup


Pancakes with mapple syrup are a typical northern american and Canadian dish. In Quebec, they sometimes call it “american crepe”. Pancakes have a germanic origin, that immigrants brought to the new world three centuries ago. These crepes are small and very thick in comparison with the typical french “crêpes”. For breakfast or at any time of the day, you can have them with mapple syrup, but also eggs, bacon etc… !

10. Cross the border and visit the American neighbor


New York city is only a few hours of plane from Toronto, Ottawa and Montréal. Why woulnd’t you take advantae of you Canadian trip to have a few days in the city that never sleeps ? It is a perfect occasion to do a home exchange in New York and discover one of the most emblematic city of the United States!

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