After Lisbon, Roma and Rio de Janeiro, discover Buenos Aires today! For our Argentina Special Week, we selected a top 8 things to discover in this city. Before boarding for Latin America, follow us all week on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to find some ideas for your next trip in the 8th biggest country of the world: Argentina 😉

1) Spend time in the antique shops of San Telmo

If it’s about walking on Sunday for the San Telmo Feria or visit the antique shops, this place is one of the most charming of Buenos Aires. Even if it’s crowded every Sunday, it’s worth the shot to visit the closed market, the Plaza Dorrego and the Street-Art porteno.


2) Live football passion made in Argentina in la Bombonera

It’s impossible to visit Buenos Aires without stopping at the Bombonera (the Boca Juniors stadium). There is a crazy atmosphere, confetti and supporting songs. It’s an unforgivable experience because Argentine people are crazy about football.


3) Discover the Puerta cerrada restaurants

In the nightlife Porteña, for some years, a new concept is born: the restaurants "puerta cerrada" (closed door). They are restaurants inside the homes, often at the owners, whose address is sometimes communicated to the guests last minute. Casa SaltShaker, Paladar, Casa Felix, Casa Mun… you just have to choose!

Puerta cerrada

4) Feel the tango fever in a Milonga

No, Tango isn’t an Argentine cliché! Very appreciated by young people for 10 years, Tango is part of the culture of the country and the Porteña night at the Viruta, the Catedral, or the Glorieta for instance, you can go there to admire the dancers or to dance!


5) Try a Choripan in the handmade Feria of Mataderos

This handmade Feria, quite far from the center Mataderos, is really worth the shot. You will find handmade products, dances and traditional songs. It’s also the best place to try a Choripan, small sandwich with sausages and salsa criolla in a small bread, invented in Argentina.


6) Walk along the Delta canals in Tigre

For a Sunday walk, it’s a good decision to move away from the noisy Buenos Aires in order to rest in the canals of the Tigre. By boat or by feet, it’s the perfect place for a walk. And also the perfect occasion to try a delicious parillada (meal in barbecue) ?


7) Picnic in the Palermo Parc and the Ecological Reserve

The impressive size of the Parlermo Parc will leave you the choice to decide where to have a pique-nique. In the Japanese garden, close from the lakes and the rose garden, don’t forget your maté! Moreover, the Ecological Reserve is the perfect place to ride a bike.


8) Discover the porteno Street Art in Villa Urquiza and Colegiales

Famous for Tango and Football, Buenos Aires is also one of the main city worldwide when talking about Street Art. The most talented street-artists of the world came to leave a part of them on these walls. In the neighborhood of Villa Urquiza you will discover some amazingly big mural paintings!


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