The golden rule of home exchange is TRUST

HomeExchange applies this rule everyday while also setting up tools that allow your exchange to go smoothly. We have decided to add something new that will help make your exchange even easier than before, we present to you the VERIFICATION

With this new product you will find precision, honest profiles and home descriptions. The rate of answers to messages and the notations after every exchange will allow you to judge the quality of the member. We will also be able to confirm the seriousness of our members thanks to this verification.

After paying for this service, you will need to send us a photocopy of your ID and provide proof of residence. This allows us to make sure that you are a “real person” and that you live in the house in which you propose on HomeExchange. Generally, we receive these documents via e-mail, but we are now able to verify them through a video conference service.

There are a lot of advantages with this service:

– Your profile and house will both appear on lists with a small green badge. This badge sets you apart from the other members.
– We place all verified members at the top of the search results. This means that verified houses appear at the top of the list when others search in your area.
– Verified members can choose to be contacted ONLY by other verified members. This system offers the advantage to receive only proposals on behalf of reliable people who possess real exchange motives.

Although it is not mandatory, 70 % of the exchanges are performed between those who are verified. It has become a reliable standard in the process of home exchange. We pride ourselves on being able to give you the best chance to make a successful exchange, therefore we highly recommend that you become a verified member.

Lastly, because the majority of our members have encouraged us to develop this practice, we have decided to offer 500 GuestPoints for every verification. This proposition will not be available for long so get verified as soon as possible!

We wish you good exchanges on HomeExchange, the home exchange social network.

See you soon!

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