Which part of Italy would you like to visit?

Are you organizing your Spring and Summer holidays but still don’t know where to go? Italy has the potential to be the best destination for you and your entire family. From the various landscapes to the culinary delicacies and regional specialties you are guaranteed to find exactly what you need. We decided to make your trip a little easier to organize by supplying you with a list of places to go to and things to see in Italy.

Discover the Art and History of Rome!

Rome, the capital of Italy, is like an open-air museum that tells the story of Italy and Europe. From the historic squares to the open markets Rome is full of life. If you are a lover of art or history Rome is the city for you. Let Rome inspire you with its architecture and get lost in the old monuments and buildings still standing from the Roman empire. Visit the Colosseum, the Pantheon or stop and sit by one of the many splendid fountains found throughout the city.

RomaRoma, Italy

**What to do in Rome during your vacation **

If this is you first time in Rome it is mandatory that you visit all of the ancient monuments. To mention a few: the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Trevi Fountain, and the Spanish Steps…

If instead you already know Rome and you wish to visit lesser known attractions, check out: La Zuppiera di Corso Vittorio, La Fontana con la palla di cannone in Viale Trinità dei Monti, il quadro motorizzato di Rubens, and la porta magica di Piazza Vittorio…

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Milan – The city of shopping!

One of the world capitals of fashion, Milan offers numerous boutiques and stores for the most experienced shoppers.

milanoMilan, Italy

**What to do in Milan during your vacation **

Visit the old artsy Brera district to find hand made articles of clothing and exclusive boutiques on the luxurious Via Monte Napoleone. Try to go shopping in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and it will feel like you are in the middle of a life-size painting.

If you need a break form all the shopping, visit an art gallery or put on your best clothes to watch a show at the Scala theater.

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Turin – The “Capital” of the Piedmont Region

An industrial and tourist city, Turin is a beautiful location only a stone’s throw away from the mountains.

torinoTurin, Italy

What to do in Turin

Turin houses one of the world’s most impressive collections of Egyptian artifacts in the famous Museo Egizio. You can also find a ton of attractions around the Piazza Castello and along Via Roma. Il Parco del Valentino is the site of a famous Castle from the XVIII century, a botanical garden and a medieval village. Just like in the other Italian cities, don’t forget to stop and enjoy the regional food or a glass of good wine.

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Florence – The City of Art!

Do you love art? If so, Florence is the perfect city for you. Experience the romance of Florence by immersing yourself in the city’s beauty.

firenzeFlorence, Italy

**What to do in Florence **

Let’s begin with the art attractions: there is the Galleria dell’Accademia, full of art work from Michelangelo. For the lovers of photography, there is the chance to take a picture of the Ponte Vecchio. Finally for the shoppers, go crazy in the stores that line the Piazza Santo Spirito.

How can we forget tuscan cooking!? Rich in surprises and tastes that immediately carry you to your own little happy… Not to mention the wine. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to taste them in the exact place they were made.

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Naples – The City of the Sun and Sea, only 2 hours from Rome

napoliNaples, Italy

What to do in Naples

If you are a theater fan then Naples is the place to be. Home of some of the most famous opera theaters in the world, Naples is high on our list of Italian treasures to discover. Naples has commonly been referred to as an open-air museum with all of its historic monuments on full display, but then again most of Italy can be described this way.

Visit the remains of Pompei and Ercolano, destroyed, yet preserved, by the eruption of Vesuvio in 79 AD. Be sure to take in the architecture of the Museo Cappella Sansevero, built around the 1500s.

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When is the best time to vacation in Italy?

Every season is the right season to visit Italy. Italy is perfect all year round thanks to its mild climate!

  • Rome and Florence: Perfect in every season.
  • Milan: better to come in Summer and Autumn, but if you come in the winter you can always escape the cold in one of the many shopping boutiques.
  • Naples: great weather all year round, but Summer and Spring are when the sun shines the most.

How do you get around in Italy?

Every Italian city mentioned above is easily reached by plane or train. Rome, Milan, Turin, and Naples are 4 cities easily connected to the rest of the world by international airports.

Florence, a little more difficult to reach, is located near the airport of Pisa. Departing from any European location will easily connect you to the Pisa airport.

Once you arrive in Italy make sure to take advantage of their great train network. The trains may not always be on time, but thanks to the largest train company in Italy – Trenitalia – you will be connected to nearly all the destinations you want to visit.

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