Organize your calendar 📅 for this summer!

Why is it important to update your availability calendar?

If you are an ardent user of HomeExchange, you probably know that a year ago we changed the availability calendar format.

You could previously set default periods as “ask me” or “available”. This made many people enter long periods of time as “available” without actually having their homes available.

For this reason, we have decided to modify the availability calendar of HomeExchange. You may have entered all your availabilities for 2017 and part of 2018, but soon, if you have not added more periods in your calendar, there may not be anything available in it since the default periods no longer exist because a year ago we modified the old calendar.

⚠️ ATTENTION: IF YOU DO NOT HAVE AN AVAILABILITY PERIOD IN YOUR CALENDAR YOUR HOME WILL NOT APPEAR IN THE SEARCH RESULTS! ⚠️So, to start organizing your exchanges it is essential that you add the periods in which you want to travel.

How to modify the availability calendar of your house?

To access the calendar to go to “My house”. Once you are there, you will find the option “Calendar”, to the right of the “Photos”.

Let’s do it! Click on the first day and drag the cursor until the last day of your availability period:

  1. Available = You are looking for an exchange, you want to travel or you are open to any proposition (reciprocal exchange or not).

3.Looking for guests = You would like to receive guests in your home in exchange for GuestPoints for that period.

How to indicate a period of unavailability?

By default, when the calendar is blank, it is because there is NO AVAILABILITY. Check that you have your calendar up to date, otherwise your house will not appear in the search results and nobody can locate it to offer you a reciprocal exchange or in exchange for GuestPoints.

Note: Members normally organize their exchange months in advance, so it is important to establish available periods for the next 6 months. This will only take you a few minutes!

You never know what the future can hold for you! Imagine that someone wants to propose an exchange in Hawaii and that you do not have any availability and, therefore, you do not appear in the search. It would be disappointing, right? 🌴🌞

If you establish a last-minute available period, we recommend indicating “looking for guests” to appear in the first search results.

Are you looking for an exchange and you cannot find enough houses?

It is normal, just a year ago we changed the calendar and the members have not yet established their new periods of availability.

Do not worry! We are contacting the entire HomeExchange community so that they can update their calendars. Meanwhile, we have some tips for you:

  • 💆🏻 Be flexible (if possible) with the dates. Do a search for a destination that you want to visit without adding the dates. Then select a home and view the calendar to see if there are any available periods.
  • 💁🏻Use the reverse search to see who is interested in going to your city/region and then set dates.
  • 🙆🏻 Take a look at the main page, in the section “looking for guests” to find users who have updated their calendar for the next 6 months