Ouishare Fest 2015

It is 10am, on Thursday May 21st, and the HomeExchange team push open the doors of the Cabaret Sauvage, located in the heart of Parc de la Villette and is privatized for the OuiShare Fest 2015.

The place seems to have been perfectly chosen; the sun is shining which makes the outdoor events much more attractive. We are first welcomed by the co-working space and a little corner where one can find current and popular books about the sharing economy.


Which conferences to choose? From Circus and Camp A and B to “la péniche cinéma” (a boat cinema) and studio, the choice is a difficult one. The subjects addressed by each of the speakers are particularly interesting this year but times are complicated – three conferences are occurring at the same time.

In the boat cinema, it is difficult to find a seat in order to take part in the conference Agile Games: A Collaborating Trip by Anais Victor, a French girl who is currently living in Vietnam. Interesting and interactive, the conference is divided into two parts: Anais recalls the turning point in her professional life when the concept of "no manager" appeared in the company where she was working. She developed a few games from the Agile Programme which promote mutual aid between employees. These games showed that a company with no manager performs more productively and employees are less stressed.


It is time to exchange a few words with other participants and we run to the Circus to catch the conferences of Juan Urrutia and David de Ugarte, Ronald Van Den Hoff with the theme of Serendipity, and that of Juan Cartagena called 6 Future Challenges of the Reputation of Society. Each conference is illustrated by some artists as it happens.


Lunch time has arrived. They thought of everything, and for those who in attendance alone. A corner called "lunch blind date" gives the possibility to anonymously find and invite a stranger to share a lunch with you. We pick a note from Charles Eisenstein so we go to try and find him, but it doesnt work! Not too bad however, as later in the afternoon we sit front row at his workshop AfterCapitalism? Let’s Reinvent Everything!

We did not miss the food stands, with lots of different and oriental food. Giromela, a company who takes care of bringing food trucks to the event and placing them in different locations around the event. For this particular day, she chose one specialising in burritos Señor Boca. Really delicious!

There are plenty of random encounters with people, and sharing of knowledge at the OuiShare Fest. After meeting (finally!) the Sharing Bros, who tell us about their amazing experiences with HomeExchange in Brazil, we chill around a stand with interactive and collaborative music. To enjoy the sound of the records, mixed by Solar Sound System, you have to keep pedaling on a bike which generates solar energy and in turn keeps the music going!


A special mention to the stand of our partners, la MAIF who encourage you to ask yourself what a collaborative society is, and in the meantime invite you to eat a tasty crepe. Don’t leave without your t-shirt, nicey offered by them if you allow Béranger to take your picture!

img_3329The three days of new encounters and sharing of knowledge are ending, but the Cabaret Sauvage is not empty yet. A queue forms in front of the stand where you can make your own mojitos (always sharing!) and the crowd cheer for the musicians and dancers from Aquarela, the samba school of Paris. The party is just starting!

img_3342-2All of the photos are on our Facebook page!

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