Hong Kong

A trip to Hong Kong, or Asia’s self-proclaimed “World City”, provides all travelers with a vibrant and cosmopolitan view into East Asia. With cultural influences from the British, Mandarin and Cantonese, their traces have been manifested all throughout the city transforming it into a sophisticated fusion between the east and west.

If you’ve yet to visit the far east, here are a few reasons why Hong Kong should top your list.

View of Peak Tram arriving at the top of the Victoria Peak.

Hong Kong island is dominantly defined by its skyline with Victoria peak as its backdrop and the deep natural harbor.

To take in the island’s natural beauty, seek out wonderful views of thismetropolis by pick up an Octopus card for access to all of the cities transportation ranging from Victoria peak trams to harbour ferry’s. With an easy to navigate network, you can spend an entire morning island hopping and hiking.

Dim Sum HK

Dim sum stands as one of the greatest symbols of Chinese cuisine throughout the world and are a staple throughout the island.

No visit to Hong Kong is complete without becoming mesmerized by menus filled with dozens of dumpling varieties and other authentic dishes. The dining experiences are especially reflective of the British and Chinese cultural ties as you may dine at many dim sum restaurants as you may accompany any serving of dumplings with a cup of fine tea in elegant china.

HK shopping

As a duty free port, no import tariffs or sales tax are taken on products making Hong Kong one gigantic duty free shop.

From trendy boutiques in luxurious multi-story shopping malls to quiet traditional Chinese product stores, Hong Kong offers a diverse shopping experience showcasing the most innovative in fashion. For an authentic experience, spend time in some of the remaining open air markets nestled in between skyscrapers and luxury malls. These markets sell everything from fresh eggs to personalized trinckets and of course with last seasons designer knock-offs upon request.

HK restaurant boat

A thriving nightlife comes hand in hand with Hong Kong’s island metropolis.

Spend your night on anything from a floating restaurant boat to a bar with sky high views allowing your day to never end.

HK brunch

Thankfully Sunday’s on the island are hangover friendly after a long night of partying.

Hong Kong offers the best in brunches and afternoon tea sets setting you up to relax and enjoy the rest of your day.

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