Why do you travel? If FOOD is in your top 3 reasons to travel, then I think we found the perfect travel and food combination.

For many travelers, especially home exchangers, the cultural appeal of certain destinations is a key influencer on deciding where to go next. And what is more closely tied to culture than food? If you are a traveler who constantly asks locals about the food scene in their city or digs deep into the internet for unique local dinning experiences, then by all means, read on…

Fork Monkey is a membership service that connects curious food lovers to unique, exclusive and underground dining events. Fork Monkey’s founder Marta, a home exchanger for the past seven years, loves nothing more than the service and local advice received when staying in someone’s home. This passion for food and curiosity of local experiences motivated her decision to create Fork Monkey. It emphasizes precisely the kinds of experiences that only locals typically know about: one-night-only popups, underground cooking classes in private homes, chefs in residence for a single weekend, etc.

Credit: Maria Midoes

How does it work?

Fork Monkey is a membership service that connects curious food lovers to unique, exclusive and underground dining events. They have discerning tastes and their members do, too. For the most part they don’t produce experiences themselves; they partner with chefs who have excellent underground food concepts and personally vet each one to make sure it’s up to their standards. Then they present their members with culinary opportunities tailored to their tastes.Credit: Marie Buck Photography

How do I become a part of this food experience?

  1. An All-Access membership allows you to browse reviews of all of the dinner parties/supper clubs/food tours/cooking classes and book available seats at any of them without an extra ticketing fee.
  2. A Concierge membership gives you all the above benefits but is geared towards the most intrepid culinary souls. This membership allows you to request specific dates and locations for your unique dining experiences. We’ll dig into our database of all the mouthwatering things we know of but haven’t had a chance to sample for ourselves yet. Then we’ll send you off to experience amazing food-ventures anywhere from South Carolina to South Africa.
  3. Not ready to commit? Our Taster membership is free! You won’t be able to book anything unless we send you an invitation; and there will be a ticketing fee. But it’s a great way to get your feet wet and see whether underground dining is for you.

Credit: Chris MontgomeryCredit: Chris MontgomeryBoth

GuesttoGuest and Fork Monkey are the perfect “pairing” to add a little extra spice to your next holiday.

Join the Fork Monkey Club on GuesttoGuest when you sign up for the first time for an extra 100GP and use the promo code FMGTG2017 for 15% off your Fork Monkey subscription.

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