While many sites that cater to the sharing economy are increasingly subject to controversy throughout the world, home exchange sites are showing strong growth. The reasons? Home and apartment exchanges are open to tenants, are never taxed and allow for more convivial relationships to form.

Avoid taxation:

Sharing economy sites will soon be more susceptible to strict taxing impacting their member’s revenue. This tax does not concern home exchange so long as there is no money transferred between the users.

Exchange without being subject to rental restrictions:

For the tenant, subletting their unit can be subject to prior authorization from the landlord and under certain conditions. This is not the case with home exchange.

Another point for the host:

Without bringing money into the equation, exchanges become more personal. Sharing, friendship and hospitality are at the heart of the practice and are carried out by members all over the world. Through home exchange, everyone has the opportunity to take advantage of the above principles to create new memories and establish new relationships.

Some sites are 100% free:

Low-cost availability is often a significant advantage, especially for large families or young people, where lodging can often impose heavily on their travel budgets. “Our site is free because we feel that giving is at the core of hospitality. Thanks to this concept of exchange, thousands of people have gone on vacations discovering new countries and regions in a way they would have never been able to before” explains the sites founder, Emmanuel Arnaud.

If you would like to give home exchange a try through HomeExchange, visit us here. With more than 160,000 homes in 187 countries, GuestToGuest hopes to make your next vacation possible.

With HomeExchange, your home takes you away!

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