We thought it would be a good idea to answer some of our members’ most frequently asked questions, from saftey to GuestPoints, we covered it all.

Is it really free?

Dudas sobre el intercambio de casasYes, because there are no financial transactions between members. Most of our users, however, do opt for the optional paid services. These services include security deposit or insurance and help our members exchange their home with peace of mind. These optional paid services will cost you about $40 for a one week exchange.

Emmanuel, President of GuesttoGuest, 28 exchanges

Is it risky to exchange your home with a stranger?

melodieNo, but if you are still not sure, start by exchanging with people that have good ratings or with verified members. You can also organize a short reciprocal exchange or use your GuestPoints and go away for a weekend. Start with a few “warm up” exchanges and in no time at all you will be looking for 2 week trips to other countries. The HomeExchange community is based on the principle of mutual trust: this relationship of trust is built by communicating as much as possible with the host and/or guest before the exchange.

Melodie, GuesttoGuest Happiness team, 8 exchanges

If someone comes to my home, do I need to go to their home?

No, you are not obligated to go to the home of your guest. This scenario is actually called a non-reciprocl exchange. The guest will give you GuestPoints to stay in your home and you can use those GuestPoints to travel to the destination and home of your choosing.

Alice, GuesttoGuest Happiness team, 10 exchanges

Why do I get 750 GuestPoints for filling out my profile?

davidThe 750 GuestPoints are “starter” GuestPoints that allow you to organize your first exchange without having to host someone at your home. Most members are nervous at first about exchanging their home, but after you stay at someone’s home with GuestPoints you start to understand how the concept works.

David, GuesttoGuest Marketing team, 5 exchanges

How do I tell the host that I want to organize an exchange with GuestPoints?

aimeIt’s super easy, just send a message to the host explaining why you want to stay in their home and that you intend to use GuestPoints. Asking to organize a non-reciprocal exchange with GuestPoints is completely normal on GuesttoGuest.

Aime, GuesttoGuest Frontend Developer, 1 exchange

Do I need to leave my home when another member comes to my place?


This all depends on your arrangement with the other member. I have yet to stay in a home while the host was present, but I have heard from other members that this is an option. I recommend that you be upfront and honest with the other member and inform them in advance if the entire home will be free or if you are just offering a guest room. If you are just offering a guest room, I would also lower the amount of GuestPoints per night.

Lucía, GuesttoGuest Marketing team, 3 exchanges

Do I need to organize exchanges with homes of similar size and value?

amandine-e1479478352413Definitely not! You can choose any home you want to stay in, anywhere in the world. Many members with secondary homes are happy to host and earn extra GuestPoints. Reciprocal exchanges are usually done without GuestPoints, but if you notice your home has a lower GP/night value than your guest you can sweeten the deal by throwing in a few extra GuestPoints to cover the difference.

Amanda, GuesttoGuest Marketing team, 3 exchanges

I do not own my own home, can I still organize exchanges?


Yes, this shouldn’t be an issue unless their is a special clause in your lease. Technically you are not subletting your home and there is no financial transaction between you an the other member, so there is no need to inform your owner.

Eliane, GuesttoGuest Communications team, 2 exchanges

Is the security deposit mandatory for all exchanges?

78e1eeac-d795-48d8-90ea-c8c9a4e48e67No, it all depends on the host. The host sets the security deposit value for each exchange. Roughly 20% of our members organize exchanges without security deposits. If you perfer to relax during your exchange, we recommend you include a security deposit when exchanging your home. The guest will need to pay, as a fee, 3.5% of the security deposit upfront. The security deposit will not be debited from their account, it will just be held as collateral.

Charles-Edouard, Director GuesttoGuest, 13 exchanges

How do I give the keys to my guest?

manuelThere are many ways you can handover the keys to your guest. The best option would obviously be to meet your guest in person, have a coffee, and personally hand them the keys. Unfortunately the best option is not always possible and sometimes you need to be a little more creative. You can leave your keys a with a neighbor, with the doorman of your building, ask a friend to drop off the keys or maybe leave your keys at a trusted local business near your home.

Manuel, GuesttoGuest HTML Developer, 4 exchanges

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