Our picks for the top 10 most inspiring eco-friendly homes

From sustainable tourism, ecotourism, zero waste, off-grid homes, sustainable construction, and straw houses HomeExchange members respect for the environment is admirable.

This summer why not choose a holiday in an eco-friendly house? Not only will this be a nice change of scenery for your family and friends, but you’ll also get to experience a way of living that gives back to Mother Nature.

Here is our selection of the top 10 eco-friendly homes on GuesttoGuest. Get ready to go on holiday in one of these homes without paying for accommodation when you home exchange!

The Eco-Loft

Amandine loved her time with Véronique, the Eco-Loft’s owner, and had this to say: “The house is very nice even though we spent most of our stay out on the beautiful terrace overlooking the garden. The area was so beautiful and we were delighted to take a trip to Lascaux and the neighboring Black Périgord.


A Rugged Wood Cabin in Ariège, France

For lovers of wide open spaces, Cathy’s home is the house dreams are made of. With its 700 square meters of garden space, this home is ideal for children. Plus with lots of games, amenities, and farm animals (donkey, hen, guinea pig, cat, etc) you will not run out of things to see and do.


An Eco-Sustainable Home

A corner of paradise where life is good “, that’s how Adeline describes her house built to respect nature with a water recycling system, phytopurification, a vegetable garden and more…all surrounded by gorgeous mountain scenery.


A Renovated Barn

On the Alsace wine route, this ecological home was renovated with straw. Extremely eco-friendly and boasts a large living area, a sauna, and dry toilets!


Julien and Stéphanie’s Eco-Home the Loire Valley

This house in the countryside has everything you need to escape for a weekend or your next vacation: a quiet location on a cul de sac, lots of surrounding nature, and a spacious garden! What more do you need but a nice afternoon stroll?


Rachel’s Straw House in Wales

This home’s original design won an Eco-Home award! This home is powered by solar and wind energy, made of straw and located on the coast, near charming old villages. Why not spend your next eco-holiday here?


Laia’s House in Catalonia

Laia’s house is built over an ancient Catalan farmhouse. Ancient stones appear throughout the home and are accented by soft tiles, modern conveniences, an organic orchard and even a chicken coop. Bonus? An incredible beach is only a few meters from the house.


An Eco-Friendly Riad in Marrakech

The eco-friendly attitude is, above all, a personal conviction that we want to share with you while immersing yourself in the day-to-day of the Riad” explains Mathieu in the description of his house. It is indeed a top rated eco-friendly guest house.


A Modern Wood House in Uruguay

casas ecológicas para este verano

On the Uruguayan coast, this house is a haven of peace in the middle of the small village of Punta Rubia surrounded by beautiful sand dunes. With a splendid view of the ocean, this structure stands tall, like an inviting monument to local ingenuity. Water is sourced from a natural well and purpose-built to respect and highlight its surrounding environment.


Terry’s Eco-Cottage in Australia

In a rural setting, Terry’s house in the world-renowned Byron Bay is equipped with a swimming pool and is powered by solar energy. The owners also grow their own vegetables on site, making this an ideal retreat for anyone seeking to connect with nature in luxury!


Go on vacation without paying for accommodation with GuesttoGuest this summer! Choose one of these eco-friendly homes and take your family and friends on a sustainable adventure.Discover more exceptional and unusual homes all over the world with GuesttoGuest!