The 10 most incredible home exchanges of 2016. Discover the magic of home exchange with HomeExchange.

A member that organized 45 exchanges

echange de maisonRosalba is the most active member on HomeExchangeIf you still have doubts about exchanging your home, you should probably meet Rosalba. In just 2 years with GuesttoGuest Rosalba has organized more than 45 exchanges: “My husband and I are retired and we live in Italy, between Rome and Todi. We love to travel by exchanging our home and sharing our stories … in order to discover new things!” Rosalba has already traveled to Lyon, Sicily, Paris, and Venice … thanks to GuesttoGuest!

“When we travel by home exchange we try to be as discreet as possible, respecting our host’s private spaces. Obviously, you discover a few personal things about your host from the family photos and the different books that line the shelves. This new discovery is like a little trip within a trip.” – Rosalba

Meet Rosalba!

The first home exchange in Guatemala

… with the GuesttoGuest member Pauline! Pauline is originally from France, but she currently lives in San José, Guatemala and describes her home: “A little paradise: we have a private beach on a lake. If you come to my house you can enjoy the calm and nature.” If the photos of her home make you dream … contact her to propose an exchange and discover the magic home exchange!

A member toured Uruguay with GuesttoGuest

Horacio, one of our most active ambassadors in the GuesttoGuest community, organized a trip through Uruguay by organizing different home exchanges. If you have ever used our chat service then you have most likely already spoken with Horacio.

uru“Horacio and his family are lovely. Everything was very organized, the communication perfect and the house was impeccable!” - Solange, Montevideo

Our first host from Estonia

echange de maisons incroyablesIn 2016 GuesttoGuest had its first home exchange in Estonia. Michel and his wife, two members from Egypt, stayed at Anna’s house in Tallinn. Anna describes her home: “Our apartment is near the port, where you can catch a ferry to go to Sweden or Finland. You are welcome in our house to discover Estonia.” Anna discovered the magic of home-exchange soon after joining our community and became an ambassador to help other members. She has already organized 8 exchanges.

A home exchange in a cave

GuesttoGuest not only has houses, apartments, cottages and castles, but CAVES! Flora is from the Balearic Islands and is delighted to share her home that rests inside a cave. The home is a secondary home, which means that Flora can host guests all year round. Flora describes her home: “Located in the central part of the island, 30 minutes by car is in the most beautiful beaches of the island. Close to the picturesque village ‘Ferreries’, where you can find restaurants shops etc … in the area of the ravine. Several routes for walks … great scenic beauty.”

Friendships were created

La magia del intercambio de casasVéronique’s workshop in ParisTwo families in the GuesttoGuest community, have formed a deep friendship thanks to their home exchange experiences. The families of Nadège and Véronique made their sixth exchange together. Nadège has already made 28 exchanges with his house in Rochefort-sur-Loire in the Loire Valley. Véronique is an artist that lives in Paris and has quite a unique home. Check out her art studio and enjoy the guest room!

veronique“When you go to Véronique’s house, you don’t just find a cozy home in Paris, you build a beautiful relationship that grows every day. 5 stars are not enough to rate this exchange.” – Nadège

One of our members celebrated their 5th anniversary with GuesttoGuest!

sophieSophie has been a member of GuesttoGuest since the beginning. Since the start she has been swapping her home every summer. She already has 22 exchanges under her belt. From the Reunion Islands to California, she has been to many interesting places. Reciprocal or non-reciprocal exchanges, Sophie travels the world thanks to home exchange with GuesttoGuest. This is her home in Paris.

reunion"It was great! The children loved the experience. We will repeat very soon." – Caroline, from Réunion.

There are no age limits in home swapping!

You are never too old to travel and our member Claudine knows that very well. At the age of 82, Claudine organized a reciprocal home exchange at Andri’s house in Iceland this summer and Andri stayed at Claudine’s home in Nice (this is called a reciprocal exchange). Andri said, “Claudine is an incredible person and very nice. She picked us up at the airport in Nice.”

doyenne“Home exchange is a great way to travel. It allows direct and friendly contact. In addition, you can choose the home that best suits your way of life. You can meet new friends and neighbors. It’s the authenticity that I like. My next exchange? Maybe I will go to Canada!” – Claudine, a member of GuesttoGuest

We wish you a 2017 full of even more incredible exchanges!

Every day, home exchange becomes more and more popular. We are very pleased to have welcomed more than 100,000 new members to our community this year!
“We wish you a wonderful year for 2017, filled with exchanges, travels, meetings and surprises! In order for us to write even more fun and exciting articles with even more crazy exchanges next year, we decided to offer a few extra incentives…

  • 200 GP to each guest and host that organize the first exchange in a new country where there has never been a HomeExchange exchange.
  • 200 GP to the first member over 85 years old to organize an exchange this year
  • 200 GP to the first person that organizes a home exchange in a tree-house!”
    From, Emmanuel & Charles-Edouard, Directors of HomeExchange!

La magia de los intercambios de casaEmmanuel and Charles-Edouard wish you a Happy 2017GuesttoGuest: 300,000 people from all over the world willing to share their homes all year round…that is the magic of home exchange with GuesttoGuest!

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