Discover and participate in the collaborative guides of your favorite cities thanks to the insights shared by those who know them best: the locals and members of GuesttoGuest!

The best way to discover a city during your travels is to experience it as a local rather than a tourist. Looking for a restaurant for lunch? Forget about the overpriced option next to a popular monument and head to the cafe on the corner. Feel like going for a walk? Discover the hidden parks recommended by the city’s inhabitants. Are you looking to have a drink? Try the tiny bar on a hidden street rather than the eye-grabber on the main avenue, etc.

Where can you find this wealth of knowledge that only residents and seasoned visitors have? Other guides and website offer such recommendations, but they are often overwhelming and difficult to navigate. This is why GuesttoGuest is launching the Collaborative City Guide to improve your experience with home exchange and the way you travel.

Collaborative City Guide

Thanks to the Collaborative City Guide and the GuesttoGuest community, you will be able to have authentic experiences recommended by people who also offer to exchange their homes in these cities.

What would you do if you only had 3 hours to spend in your favorite city? The Collaborative City Guide will give you the answer!

A Unique and Participatory Guide with an Interactive Map

The Collaborative City Guide is unique as it applies to a different city brought forth every month. We solicit the help of our members by having them share their favorite addresses in the cities they live in, then organize the results for you to utilize. You will find all of the recommendations and things to do in Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Berlin, etc through the use of an interactive map. This guide, created for the GuesttoGuest community and those who love to travel, is inspired by the community itself!

Collaborative City Guide

In addition to having the best possible advice for things to do and places to see on your travels, you can discover accommodations available through home exchange to have the most authentic experience with your family.

Guide collaboratif des villes ParisParticipate in this unique initiative and share your recommendations for the first Collaborative Guide for the city of Paris which will be available soon:

Participate in the Collaborative Guide for Paris

Follow our blog and Facebook page to be notified for the upcoming Collaborative City Guides. A new city will be showcased each month: Barcelona, Berlin, Rome, Madrid, Toulouse, Lyon, Montréal, Munich, Bordeaux, Marseille.

There is nothing better for feeling like a local than to live like him! Stay in a home or apartment that will let you experience an authentic city life by using home exchange: sign up for free and find your next home exchange.

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