This week, teachers are honored on HomeExchange!

We have interviewed several teachers that use HomeExchange for their home exchange. They have shared their experiences with us, and this week, you can read the interviews of foreign language teacher Sue, who lives in London (UK), Lionel, a law professor from Nancy (France) and Angel, Professor of Business English in Granada (Spain). These members have done several exchanges with HomeExchange and you’ll get a glance into the home exchange world of teachers!

1. Why were teachers the first to do a home exchange?

Teachers are the founders of home exchange! The first home exchange took place in the 50s between American and Swiss teachers as part of a teacher exchange between universities. This practice was then democratized and developed in Europe and worldwide. HomeExchange continues this tradition by being dedicated to helping teachers plan their holidays and creating a group specifically for teachers!

2. Why do teachers like home exchange?

Due to their inquisitive nature, their desire to share, and their thirst for culture, it’s no wonder teachers are so attracted to home exchange.

The exchange of a house or apartment is sociable and open to everyone. Teachers love meeting people from around the world, experiencing new cultures, visiting new places, beautiful museums, monuments and amazing landscapes. Home exchange has enough to satisfy their thirst for knowledge!

Home exchange also promotes sharing and meeting. This is an opportunity for teachers to share their ideas, knowledge, and experiences with strangers that will quickly become friends.

Teachers’ homes are full of libraries and books, which is the perfect place for another teacher on vacation! Therefore, home exchange is also an opportunity for you to immerse yourself in the world of another person and what better way then to stay with someone that shares a similar passion?

This thirst for culture, knowledge and adventure leads teachers to travel. Why not go on vacation and explore while saving money? Home exchange is the solution.

3. How can teachers use HomeExchange to their advantage?

To help the teachers of HomeExchange, we’ve created a function for you to find each other. Once logged into your account, go to the “Groups” section, then the “Job and Mobility” tab. Within this group you will meet all the other teachers of our site. You can get in touch with them and talk through our internal messaging system. You will be able to finalize a trade quickly and make an exchange with someone in the same profession. This promotes trust between the host and the guest. Exchanging between teachers is also an opportunity to discuss education, teaching methods, etc.

A red symbol will appear on a member’s profile to show they are part of the group:

HomeExchange page profil

Furthermore, as we recommend on our site, when you contact a member for a home exchange, it is important to talk about yourself. Do not hesitate to say that you’re a teacher when you contact a member, this will facilitate an exchange. Your similarities will simplify communication and make it easier to plan a reciprocal or non-reciprocal exchange. Although the deposit service is recommended on HomeExchange, many home exchanges between professors have been done without a deposit because of their similarities and mutual trust in one another.

Through these groups, you can create a network of friends and keep in touch with each other on the site to share tips on exchanging and your experiences.

Happy exchanging and see you soon on HomeExchange!

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