For our teacher week special, we’ve interviewed several professors from different countries about their experiences of home exchange.

Sue, a professor of modern languages in Madrid, London and Paris, tell us her story.


When did you start participating in home exchange? How did you get the idea?

It was only this year I discovered HomeExchange. Last summer, I bought a little flat in Spain and I was looking to rent it out from time to time.

Do you think people in the education profession are more likely to participate in home exchange? If yes, why?

Yes, I think teachers welcome this idea. We have very long holidays, and most of us are people that like to travel and to meet others. Language teachers in particular are used to doing language exchange trips.

Would you have more confidence if you exchanged with a teacher? If yes, why?

Yes, I think so because teachers are generally good people !

Do you know other teachers that do home exchanges?

Not exactly, I have one friend that used to rent his flat on Airbnb.

Do you think home exchange is a good way to share your experiences with teaching?

Definitely, seeing and experiencing other cultures is a learning experience in itself and students can learn a lot from it.

How many exchanges have you done and where?

Only one so far, in Paris and a family from Spain stayed in my flat.

How did you find out about HomeExchange?

An internet search, at first I was looking to rent, then I came across GuestToGuest. I read the description and liked the sound of it, especially the idea of GuestPoints which I thought was great.

When you started exchanging homes, did you have any initial concerns?

The main worry I had was something being broken or stolen an also giving the keys to a stranger.

Have you ever met people with whom you exchanged with ?

Unfortunately, I have not met the people I have exchanged with so far.

What is your best memory from a home exchange ?

Meeting the HomeExchange team was a good experience ! Also, walking for miles around Paris and going to the Musée d’Orsay.

When is your next exchange ?

I don’t know yet ! Maybe in Singapore as I used to teach there…

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